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Monterey Bay Brewing Company Produces Fine Ales and Craft Beer

The New Monterey County Operation Launches Flagship Brew Mad Otter Ale

Monterey, CA, February 09, 2015 - Demand for quality craft beer has never been greater, especially in California, where the micro-brew concept was born in the 1960s.

To keep up with that demand, small-batch beer production in the state increased by more than half a million barrels in 2013 — and 108 new craft breweries opened their doors and their kegs.

Embracing this surge of suds is Monterey Bay Brewing Co., a new operation in Monterey County that produces fine ales and craft beers. Mad Otter Ale is the company’s flagship brew, made in small batches by its founders, former accountant Mark Fitch and former real estate agent Scott Coming.

The two friends always shared a love of beer. After attending the Mammoth Mountain Blues and Brews Festival a few years ago, Mark camped out at the two-day event and experienced how everyone was going “mad” over craft beer. The friends attended together the next year and knew they wanted to bring that kind of energy and excitement for craft beer to southern Monterey Bay, an area where they sensed a void of quality craft beer.

They started to homebrew out of their kitchens, and one early evening on a golf course the name Mad Otter Ale popped into Mark’s head. From that light-bulb moment the two have expanded the business, putting their beer into kegs and cans and building community relationships with bar and restaurant owners.

“From that point on we knew we had something special,” Mark said. “Our passion is to provide high quality ales to this area while having fun doing it.”

The first year of brewing proved so successful that they have nearly tapped out their current production capacity. Mark and Scott hope to double the amount of beer they produce in 2015, and are also laying the groundwork for establishing their own facility.

“We currently are focusing on the quality of our flagship pale ale, but are always toying around with what we would like to produce next,” Mark said. “Our loyal customers have lots of ideas of what that should be and we are always happy to get their input.”

Monterey Bay Brewing Co. became the first local craft brewery to can its beer, which is a growing trend in the industry. More than 500 craft breweries across the country now can their beer, accounting for 20 percent of the 2,500 small-batch breweries in the U.S. The canning boom took place in remarkable fashion, from just a few dozen to 500 in just two years, thanks in large part to the ease of packaging and a lower cost than bottles.

Mad Otter Ale has already made numerous appearances at local events, most recently the Big Sur Foragers Festival. Look for the brew at the following local establishments: Tarpy’s Roadhouse, A Taste of Monterey, The Wharf Marketplace and LaLa Grill in Monterey; Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach; Barmel in Carmel; and Big Sur Taphouse in Big Sur. Kegs can be purchased at Lopez Liquors in Carmel. Find out more about Monterey Brewing Co. and Mad Otter Ale at

Company Overview
Monterey Bay Brewing Co., is a new independent brewery owned by two local friends, former professional men who wanted to change careers and change the landscape of American-style micro-brew.

Mark Fitch (on the left) and Scott Coming (on the right) brewed their first batch of Mad Otter Ale in 2012, and today the hoppy yet refreshing ale is pleasing palates all over Monterey County and beyond. Tapping into a growing craft beer trend, Fitch and Coming began canning Mad Otter Ale in 2013, and full kegs are also available.

Find out more about Monterey Brewing Co., and Mad Otter Ale at

Tasting Notes
At its heart, Mad Otter Ale is a classic American-style pale ale packed with notes of tangerine and grapefruit that last from first aroma to the final sip. Showcasing American hops, Mad Otter Ale is brewed with a considerable amount of pale and caramel malts, creating a steady malt profile to balance the bitterness of the hops. A true crowd pleaser, Mad Otter Ale is not overly bitter but is packed with hop flavor.

This handcrafted beer is refreshing enough to cut through the heaviest of dishes while the firm malt notes help to accentuate the caramelized flavor of grilled foods. The citrus notes make it a natural choice for Latin or spicier cuisines; the hops temper the spiciness and accentuate the lime and citrus flavors while cutting through creamy cheese toppings. It is also a great choice to pair with grilled meats and juicy burgers. Because Mad Otter Ale pairs so well with a wide array of foods, it’s a great beer to keep on hand for everyday consumption.

Marci Bracco Cain
Monterey Bay Brewing Company
Monterey, CA 93940

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