Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gartner Selects Netswitch as Representative of New Breed of Cyber-Security Managed Detection and Response Vendors

The Gartner Group has just issued a new market guide for Cyber-Security services describing what it is calling “Managed Detection and Response” and naming Netswitch Technology as a market representative provider in the space.

South San Francisco, CA, May 17, 2016 - The Gartner Group has just issued a new market guide for Cyber-Security services describing what it is calling “Managed Detection and Response” and naming Netswitch Technology as a market representative provider in the space.

The report, targeted to security leaders and available to Gartner subscribers was authored by senior Gartner security analysts, Toby Bussa, Craig Lawson and Kelly M. Kavanagh, identifies new service providers that are emerging to support organizations seeking to improve their threat detection and incident response capabilities.

“We are delighted that Gartner has included us in this category of market leaders along with Cisco, Raytheon and FireEye”, says Steve King, COO and Chief Security Officer of Netswitch. “Our unique SaaS offering is based on our Securli Advanced Threat Protection platform and our SecurliXF extended threat intelligence service. This service correlates disparate data feeds from a variety of sources both public and proprietary to provide predictive threat intelligence along with our monitoring, incident response and remediation capabilities. The result is actionable threat intelligence delivered on a 24x7 clock.”

As Marc van Zadelhoff, the head of IBM Security recently pointed out, “Even if the industry was able to fill the estimated 1.5 million open cyber security jobs by 2020, we’d still have a skills crisis in security.” Managed Detection and Response providers fill that critical security skills gap by providing expert detection and remediation service to deal with today’s increasingly complex threats. Private businesses and public companies will find it challenging to deal with these threats alone.

Netswitch’s business model allows them to manage the monitoring tools selected by the customer and through their three partner SOCs - two in the U.S. and one in Hong Kong - provide 24/7 monitoring, incident investigation, alerting and remediation services with a 15-minute response SLA. Netswitch is predominantly used by midsize organizations today, but is also targeting enterprises with its MDR service. The service is priced on the number of log sources and the security monitoring tools selected from the Netswitch technology portfolio.

Gartner points out that by 2020, 15% of midsize and enterprise organizations will be using services like MDR, up from less than 1% today. And, by 2020, 50% of worldwide MSSPs will offer MDR-type services.

Gartner recommends that IT security leaders should
1) Use MDR services to augment existing security monitoring capabilities to address gaps in advanced threat detection and incident response before investing in more security monitoring tools (e.g., security information and event management [SIEM], network, and host-threat detection), and associated staff and expertise.
2) Consider managed security service providers (MSSPs) that offer MDR-like services when device management and compliance use cases are required.
3) Look for MDR providers who can incorporate your existing security controls in the scope of their services to improve context and coverage.

Security leaders should use this research to understand the MDR services market and it’s fit for their security monitoring and incident response requirements.

Netswitch is a global cyber-security solutions provider, serving businesses of all sizes through its award-winning Managed Detection and Response platform.

The SECURLI® Integrated Security Technologies are in use at over 3,000 client sites around the world providing managed intrusion detection and prevention, advanced behavioral analytics, preemptive breach detection, monitored and managed web firewalls and gateways, security information and event management, managed incident response and remediation and complete audit-ready regulatory compliance.
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