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New Jewelry Line from Designer/Entrepreneur Vivian Storms Features One-of-a-Kind Sculptural Artwork from Acclaimed Cold Glass Artist Jack Storms

Even though Vivian Storms has accomplished much in her young life — she’s only 31 — including being a child star in her native Brazil, a publisher, CEO, manager of an art gallery, marketing expert, fashion designer and mother, she never imagined she’d become a designer of her own jewelry line.

Valencia, CA, July 21, 2018 — Even though Vivian Storms has accomplished much in her young life — she’s only 31 — including being a child star in her native Brazil, a publisher, CEO, manager of an art gallery, marketing expert, fashion designer and mother, she never imagined she’d become a designer of her own jewelry line.

Viv Storms Fine Jewelry will launch its new line of exceptional jewelry, fashioned from one-of-a-kind, original cold-glass artwork produced by her business partner, artist Jack Storms, on Aug. 1.

There will be 500 pieces available during the pre-sale, with five different designs for necklaces, rings, cuff links, earrings and pendants, all affordably priced starting at $500, and up. A pre-sale will be launched on Aug. 1, with 360-degree videos of the pieces on the website Those who pre-order pieces will receive several perks, including deep discounts and entry into a giveaway of a $15,000 Jack Storms sculpture. Pre-ordered pieces will be delivered on Nov. 1. A portion of the proceeds of the pre-sale will go to charity.

“We have an amazing team of designers helping me take this crazy idea of a jewelry line based on fine art from a piece of paper to reality,” said Vivian about the process of creating the line.

Over the last decade, Jack has become a dominant force in the landscape of cold-glass art. The effect of his work is palpable. Take one look at any of his masterpieces, and it’ll become obvious that, aside from technical prowess, there’s something else at work. It’s that artistry that Vivian, the brains behind the Storms company, thought of harnessing three years ago.

Vivian believed that Jack’s craft had a lot more to offer, so she set herself the task of reinterpreting his art and expanding the reach of the Storms name. Rendered in jewelry form, Jack’s art could be worn, carried and someday even passed down. With this venture, Vivian also combined two of her greatest passions: art and fashion.

But the scale of Jack’s sculptures and their sheer weight posed a challenge. Taking Jack’s work and striving for the same excellence — and the same painful precision and meticulous attention to detail — in a fraction of the size was by no means an easy task. The former husband-and-wife duo worked feverishly, side-by-side, to translate Jack’s creation into stones as small as 8mm. It took two and a half years, and various episodes of trial and error, to develop and perfect the process, but Vivian’s jewelry line is finally slated to launch in November.

With the brilliantly reflective core in mind, Vivian dreamed up the designs — which come in gold, silver and platinum — for her debut line, her first foray into fine jewelry.

In the Sophia collection, the stones drive the narrative and dictate the settings. The collection makes good use of simple, modern lines and contemporary features, all executed with an obsession with quality and elegance.

The Aria collection, on the other hand, sings another tune. While the stone is still the star attraction, it works hand-in-hand with ornate settings to display all facets of the duo’s vivid imagination. Here, Vivian opts for drama, in place of more minimalist design elements. The shimmering, light-catching stones are presented in romantic, storybook-like settings adorned with intricate scrollwork.

Manufactured entirely in the United States, between Los Angeles and Miami, both collections boast a timeless aesthetic, a true embodiment of outstanding work at the service of a radical vision.

When asked why someone should buy her jewelry, what with so many jewelry lines on the market, Vivian didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Because they are buying a piece of art from the foremost cold glass artist in the world,” she said. “These pieces do not exist anywhere else in the world. Every one of these pieces is different, they’re all original pieces of art, made by a master sculptor, one of only three in the world. The colors are just surreal.”

Vivian says she has more of an overarching view of the jewelry line than just selling necklaces and rings, beautiful and intricate as they are.

“It’s always been about bringing enlightenment with Jack’s art, it really changes people’s perception of everything, it’s more than a sculpture, he’s able to create something truly unique,” said Vivian. “For me it’s about bringing this art to the world — to see, to believe and to see the beauty of art. To involve more people and have this work touch them.”

About Vivian Storms
Hailing from the sprawling Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where she carved a name for herself as an actress at a precocious age, Vivian Storms moved first to Canada then to the United States to pursue a career in film.

Her life in art began unexpectedly, in 2009, when she met cold-glass artist Jack Storms. Infatuated by his artistry, particularly his exceptional approach to glassmaking, Vivian decided Jack’s company image needed a complete overhaul.

Vivian knew that Jack’s work was an ode to superb workmanship, and that concocting a marketing strategy that accurately represented his talent would be fundamental to its success. Taking the helm of the company, she spent the lion’s share of her time building the Storms brand, and defining its identity. This included starting an online campaign, supervising photo and video shoots and expanding the brand’s presence on social media and print media.

Thanks to Vivian, the video she helped create went viral in 2014, racking up close-to 5 million views on YouTube alone. From then on, the business ballooned, and Jack began amassing a devout following of private collectors itching to get their hands on the next piece.

He also achieved widespread recognition when two of his pieces made cameo appearances in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Not to mention, the “ViviOvo”— an egg-shaped sculpture he finessed as a gift to Vivian, his muse, and named after her — become one of his most popular and sought-after pieces.

In 2010, Vivian opened the doors to Storms Fine Art Gallery, an airy, light-filled space tucked away in Santa Clarita, California. She focused her efforts on discovering, selecting and displaying the works of gifted contemporary artists like New Zealand-based Michael Waysmith and LA-based Anja Van Herle.

But aside from being a gallery owner, a doting mother to her 7-year-old son Owen, and the brains behind the Storms legacy, Vivian can now add “jewelry designer” to her impressive and ever-growing resume.

Viv Storms Fine Jewelry, her namesake brand, is Vivian’s entrée into the world of jewelry design. Vivian has long been a style enthusiast, and she credits her unwavering love for fashion as the main draw to the project. After close to two-and-a-half years of work, a process fueled by Vivian’s workaholic nature and sheer will, the collection is complete and available for pre-sale ahead of its official launch date in November.

About Viv Storms Fine Jewelry:
Viv Storms Fine Jewelry is a luxury jewelry line by Vivian Storms that marries Jack Storms’ unparalleled craftsmanship with Vivian’s sophisticated designs. As one of the few cold-glass artists in the country, Jack uses optical crystal and dichroic glass to create a kaleidoscopic core for every stone. Because the artistic process is so labor-intensive, unique and rare, no two cores are the same. Every stone tells its own story, each aflame with turbulent, psychedelic flashes of color and alive with personality.

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