Monday, December 31, 2018

Salinas-Based Beefy Boys Beef Jerky Co. contest to gift up to 20 Pounds of Locally Crafted Jerky to its Monterey County, California customers to celebrate the BEEFY BOYS® brand’s 20th Anniversary!

If you live in Monterey County, California, keep your eyes peeled for those “Golden Tickets” in 2019.

Salinas, CA, December 31, 2018 — If you live in Monterey County, California, keep your eyes peeled for those “Golden Tickets” in 2019. If you see a “Gold” Ingredient label on Beefy Boys Jerky in the year 2019, you just might be Gifted a pound of Beefy Boys Beef jerky!

The gifting of jerky is meant to celebrate Salinas-based Beefy Boys Beef Jerky’s 20th Anniversary in 2019. There will be 2,000 Golden Tickets (bags with a gold colored ingredient label and a unique lot number of 1 to 2000). For every 100 Golden Tickets, one lot number will be selected for its finder to be gifted a pound of Jerky, with the selected number being listed on the Beefy Boys jerky Facebook page BEFORE it is delivered to a local Monterey County, California store, subject to all Facebook Contest Rules. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Numbers listed in advance at: One winner per ticket, with the FIRST person to name the 1) Store Name 2) Store Location and 3) Time and Date that they discovered the winning ticket to be gifted the pound of jerky. Call the number on the bag or post this information to our Facebook page, under the photo of the winning bag.

Beefy Boys jerky uses local ingredients, is locally owned, locally made, and locally distributed in Monterey County, California. Look for Beefy Boys Jerky in all Monterey County Safeway Stores, and nearly 200 other grocery stores, wineries, brewing companies & retails shops throughout Monterey County, CA.Questions should be emailed to

No purchase is required, and the bags bearing the Golden Tickets can be discovered only in Monterey County retail stores that currently supply Beefy Boys brand beef jerky. One golden ticket number per 100 tickets (20 total potential winners) will be selected in advance of placement in the store. The tickets have no cash value and there will only be one winner per ticket.

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