Friday, April 30, 2021

Balance Physical Therapy reminds back-pain sufferers that PT can help solve the ‘mystery’

  Back pain is often one of medicine's true anatomical mysteries. 

Salinas, CA, April 30, 2021 - Back pain is often one of medicine's true anatomical mysteries. It is one of the most common ailments brought on by disease, injury or misalignment of the spine. 

Yet, as common as back pain is, it's often difficult — and in some cases seemingly impossible — to diagnose its cause. 

Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance Center strongly encourages back pain sufferers to seek the care of a qualified therapist. Physical therapy helps patients avoid prolonged episodes of pain that can result in long-term disability. For those experiencing chronic back pain, physical therapy should be part of a multi-faceted rehabilitation program. The fact is, PT is conservative, cost-effective, reversible, and rarely has any side effects. 

Dr. John Farahmand founded BPT in 2002 with a particular vision in mind: To provide the most exemplary physical therapy services available anywhere. He became interested in physical therapy during college after suffering a severe back injury. While going through an arduous regime of rehabilitation — and experiencing all of the frustration that accompanies most serious injuries — he decided to commit his professional career to caring for patients in need of specialized outpatient physical therapy services. Today, Dr. Farahmand is proud to lead a highly professional organization that promises its patients the highest standards of care in manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, patient education and results. 

Many patients find themselves fixed solely on what medical imaging says structurally about their spine and how it causes their pain. This could be a herniated disc, degeneration or stenosis. Patients should understand that other factors can cause back pain as well. This can include poor muscle control and movement patterns, nerve pain, referred pain from muscle trigger points, and even the fascia around the back can cause pain. 

Balance Physical Therapy believes that early intervention is critical to helping reduce pain and recover function. A combination of patient education, manual techniques, and therapeutic exercise is proven to reduce pain and help a patient recover their independence. 

Drugs offer short-term relief but may have severe side effects. Spinal adjustments may be helpful, but this type of intervention is usually recommended for months-on-end with little proof of its effectiveness. In contrast, a comprehensive physical therapy program will not only provide you with pain relief but will help you avoid repeat and often progressively worse episodes of pain. Once the pain subsides, BPT empowers patients with the tools they need to help avoid repeat problems. 

With three locations (Monterey, Salinas, Prunedale) to better serve patients, Balance Physical Therapy treats the following conditions: 

Lumbar Sprain/Strain

Acute Low Back Pain



Pinched Nerve

SI Dysfunction

Slipped/Herniated Disc





Facet Arthropathy

Degenerative Disc Disease 

Balance Physical Therapy offers free 20-minute health and wellness screenings to members of the Central Coast community. Those suffering from back pain (or any other pain), will receive an unbiased opinion from a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy to discuss the best treatment options going forward. 

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