Wednesday, April 29, 2020

VNA Hospice to Participate in Second Bloom Project, Repurposing Flower arrangements for Hospice patients

Due to busy schedules and time constraints, florists often rush from one project to the next, giving new meaning to the term “left on the cutting room floor.”

Salinas, CA, April 29, 2020 - However, while bits of edited film never make it to the big screen, unused flowers don’t need to be discarded. They can be beautifully and tenderly repurposed to brighten the day of someone in hospice care.

That’s the idea behind Second Bloom Project, a local nonprofit that brings together people — nurses, patients, design volunteers and community florists — through repurposed bedside arrangements.

Central Coast VNA & Hospice has announced its participation in the uplifting program, started by former professional florist Anne Bell.

“To be able to recycle this joy and beauty at no cost to our partners in hospice is an incredible feeling,” said Bell.

Bell worked previously in the event and floral design department at Pebble Beach Co., and couldn’t help noticing all the excess flowers thrown in the green bin.

“I felt that it was wasteful to throw away those flowers that could bring so much joy,” she said.

Bell once ran her own floral design business in Danville, but closed the business when she had triplets (who are now in college). Years later she stumbled upon a Roseville nonprofit called Petal Connection, and volunteered her services a few times a week to arrange flowers for hospice patients.

Four years ago, Bell and her husband moved from Roseville to La Selva Beach to build an empty nest after raising five children. She took the job at Pebble Beach Co., and loved the work, but always remembered the joy of volunteering at Petal Connection. So she quit and convinced Pebble Beach management to participate in her new nonprofit.

“From my past experience with the Petal Connection, I realized that this scenario presented an opportunity to bring an institution like Pebble Beach together with the community to spread joy,” she said.

VNA Hospice is proud to accept these floral gifts that they eventually deliver to patients all over the Central Coast. Because hospice care addresses the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, Second Bloom fits perfectly within VNA’s mission.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the great appreciation of hospice patients and their families by this unexpected gift of flowers,” said Bell. “I love having the opportunity to work with flowers and give back to my community.”

For more information about the Second Bloom Project, visit For more about VNA Hospice, visit

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