Wednesday, June 10, 2020

San Lorenzo Valley Water District Survey Finds Customers Overwhelmingly Satisfied With District’s Services

A recent survey conducted by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) finds that an overwhelming number of its customers are happy with the District’s services.

Boulder Creek, CA, June 10, 2020 — A recent survey conducted by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) finds that an overwhelming number of its customers are happy with the District’s services.

In an online survey of more than 1,000 customers in April, almost 80% said they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the District’s service: 47% said they were satisfied, while 32% said they were very satisfied.

The survey went live on in early April and asked the taker to rank the District’s services; “how well the District is doing in various areas; how one would like to receive information about the District; what source one derives their information; how much you trust the District when it comes to finding a responsible solution to water supply issues in the area, and more”. Respondents could also take the survey by phone or email.

In addition to the services, 87% of respondents said they would benefit from regular communications via E-blasts and/or Enewsletters by email and social media, with a smaller number wanting both online and intermittent (quarterly) mailed newsletters.

Customers also stated they received District news/updates through local news media and through speaking engagements and participation in community events.

In addition the survey revealed that:

• 98% of survey respondents are SLVWD residential customers.
• 96% live in a single-family house and 93% own their homes.
• 52% of all customers feel the amount they pay for water is “about right.”
• An overwhelming number of respondents (788) were 50 and older.
• 60% of customers would prefer to receive communications via email.
• 27% of customers want to receive communications via both email and regular mail.

About the District
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District was established in 1941 as an independent special district. The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected at-large from within the District’s service area. A special district is a local government agency formed by voters to perform a needed service, such as water or sewer. The District’s boundaries comprise approximately 60 square miles and 190 miles of pipeline. The District currently provides service to approximately 7,900 residential, commercial, and institutional connections. The District relies on both surface water and groundwater resources, including nine currently active stream diversions, one groundwater spring, and eight active groundwater wells. The District owns, operates, and maintains two water systems from separate water sources. These sources are derived solely from rainfall within the San Lorenzo River watershed.

The District owns, operates, and maintains a wastewater system in Boulder Creek’s Bear Creek Estates, which serves approximately 56 homes.

Phone: (831) 338-2153
Fax: (831) 338-7986

Emergency Numbers:
After-hour emergencies: (831) 338-2153

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Boulder Creek, CA 95006

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