Sunday, August 2, 2020

Governor Closes most Schools for Fall, But Goodwill has you Covered for All Back-to-Homeschool items

Goodwill Central Coast believes every child deserves an education in a safe and secure environment.

Salinas, CA, August 03, 2020 - Goodwill Central Coast believes every child deserves an education in a safe and secure environment. No one can predict what a “new normal” looks like, but Goodwill stands by to help its neighbors ease into it.

Now that 33 out of California’s 58 counties — about 90 percent of school children — do not comply with the state’s coronavirus infection benchmarks, most of our children will attend classes at home.

Goodwill’s 16 retail locations and two outlet stores throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties are stocked and ready. One visit will reveal Goodwill to be the perfect “back to home-schooling” headquarters for kids and young adults alike.

Whether you’re supplementing a school’s distance-learning curriculum, or taking on full home-schooling responsibilities, Goodwill has you covered.

From books and media, to paper, notebooks, art supplies and clothing, we can outfit your home school — for less. And every purchase helps Goodwill in its mission to strengthen lives, families and communities by removing barriers to employment through education, training and employment services. And each purchase keeps items out of landfills, helping to protect the environment. Lesson No. 1 on the first day of homeschool!

The time is now to begin stockpiling supplies. You’ll have your most-used homeschool items on hand when you need them, and by purchasing them at a bargain, your homeschool budget won’t take a hit several months into the year due to restocking.

So what can back-to-school shoppers find at Goodwill? In a word — everything. And for every niche, too. Here are some popular items you will find during a socially distanced stroll your local Goodwill store.

● Notebooks and loose-leaf paper: Sure, it’s a digital age, but you can never have enough old-school paper. Writing by hand will never go out of style.
● Art supplies: With numerous departments brimming with possibilities, a creative student can find everything (from paints to crayons to fiber arts) that they need for school projects and hobbies.
● Pencils: Nothing can grow legs and walk off faster than a pencil. Give yourself a fighting chance by stocking up on several packs of your favorite pencils (and pens) at Goodwill.
● Sharpies: Homeschool families use Sharpies for many things during the course of a school year, so stockpile them now.
● Athletic attire and equipment: You need to keep your students moving, and these are always available at great prices at Goodwill.
Storage containers: Teach children of all ages the art of organizing by having storage for everything.
Toddler box items: It’s important to occupy younger kids while the older ones do their school work. Pick up some inexpensive puzzles, play dough, or other appropriate activities and put them in his/her own special box, only available to him at school time.
Books, games and puzzles: Goodwill is great for finding these treasures. You just have to dig around a bit, which is all part of the treasure hunt.
Finally, don’t forget clothing. Remember, fashion is important to kids of any age. Even though they will attend school at home, they still must get dressed in the morning! At Goodwill, students can find just what they need to update their wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Younger kids can grow quickly, so second-hand goods are the perfect way to save money, be prepared, and minimize your family’s environmental impact. Older kids are more aware of trends and brands, and Goodwill has you covered here as well. Dressing for success — for less. What a concept!

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