Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rising Super Star Rachel London Drops New Contemporary Pop Hit “Runnin” Now Available on iTunes

Singer-songwriter Rachel London has dropped the essential summer pop anthem with “Runnin.”

Los Angeles, CA, July 02, 2015 - Singer-songwriter Rachel London has dropped the essential summer pop anthem with “Runnin.” Distributed by Sony, produced by Mike Gonsolin and co-written by Nick Nittoli, “Runnin,” will have your pulse racing with its polished unapologetic lyricism and big beats.

Ready to take the pop world by storm, London’s new single is a complete 180 from her previous releases. A dance-heavy, dark, and mature pop song, “Runnin” is both catchy and relatable.

With her powerful vocals, London honestly belts out the whirlwind that is new love and the trials and tribulations of relationships. Listeners are in for the emotional roller coaster ride with perfectly timed unpredictable drops and peaks of aural excellence.

“Start me with a kiss, There’s no stopping this, There’s no stopping this, I can’t get enough … This song is about exploring boundaries, not scorning yourself for desiring passion, figuring out how to let go of "right" and "wrong" as well as communicating that vulnerability is strength.“

"Runnin is a beautiful mix of light and darkness, like a yin and yang making it a perfect representation of Rachel," states co-writer Nick Nittoli.

London is carving out a spot for herself in the music industry and will hope to excite fans with her upcoming EP due out this fall and a brand new music video for “Runnin,” which will be out in July. Both soulful and raw lyricism coupled with contemporary pop sounds, London takes inspiration from growing up on Alanis Morissette and Madonna.

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