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Space Lattice Theory a Grand Unification of Physics

Space Lattice Theory presents a radically new theory of the universe that describes how matter, energy, force at a distance, space and time can be explained by one single principle - a Grand Unification. Many cosmic puzzles are finally explained.

Jacksonville, FL, July 12, 2015 - Space Lattice Theory, a scientific paper by Bruce Nappi, presents a radically new theoretical explanation for the foundation of the universe. This new foundation envisions the universe as a densely packed crystal-like Lattice and describes how matter, energy, force at a distance, space and time can be explained by that one single principle - a Grand Unification.

Nappi, an aerospace engineer and Director of the A3 Research Institute, has written a comprehensive paper that proposes a completely new structure for the universe. Rather than being mostly an empty void, the universe is densely packed with one small object called an “Aa”, which forms a crystal-like LATTICE that is infinite in size. Matter and energy move through the Lattice like dislocations and energy move through solid materials. The new model produces behaviors generally consistent with the conventional principles of physics. No complex math is needed to understand them. However, the new theory provides amazingly simple solutions to many of the current big puzzles of physics, and does so without the need to change the traditional laws of physics as current theories do. And, rather than being just a collection of mathematics, Space Lattice Theory explains what causes matter, energy, gravity, electro-magnetics and nuclear forces using simple figures. The paper is written without equations and is easily to read and understand by any reader.

Space Lattice Theory now provides simple but consistent explanations for all the major cosmic and nuclear questions of our time. For example, Big Bangs, which occur repeatedly, unfold in a simple, conventional 3-D universe without the need for singularities or to warp space. Big Bangs are, in fact, just like cosmic “space quakes”. As they open and then collapse, they create dislocations or bubbles in the Space Lattice. These are what we observe as matter. This explains how matter can appear to be created out of nothing, and also why an equal amount of antimatter is not observed. The theory presents new principles for Black Holes, showing why gravity can not exceed specific limits. It also describes how Black Holes convert matter back into natural Space Lattice, thereby reversing the process caused by Big Bangs. The theory suggests that photons play a major role in physics, and shows how they can come to rest, becoming what is called Dark Matter. The theory explains the duality of photons and explains how they convert mass to energy and back again. Using a new model for photons and electromagnetic waves, the microwave background is explained. And a final example, forces at a distance, in the form of gravity, electrostatics, magnetics and the nuclear forces are finally explained with tangible, visualizable principles, all being distinct wave fields in the physical Lattice.

Lattice Theory has profound implications for current research. It suggests that particle accelerator interpretations are very misleading. What we call “sub atomic particles”, for example, are not actually “sub” components of fundamental particles, but rather collision fragments. This is why they can come together, temporarily, into unstable forms with masses much higher than their parents. Lattice Theory would redefine particle accelerator research as new material research. Photons and light are considered distinct in Lattice Theory. By identifying new mechanisms for their energy loss during motion, Red Shift is given a new foundation directly related to distance traveled, independent of Doppler shift. This will force a reanalysis of most cosmic observations. A significant advantage provided by the theory is that most of its principles are directly testable, although requiring development of new types of instruments. The age old debate about the nature of light and the aether has finally been resolved and the misunderstanding of the Special Theory of Relativity that has lasted for so long can finally end.

About Bruce Nappi:
Founder/Director of the A3 Research Institute. Founder of the A3 Society. Eagle Scout on the 1965 North Pole Expedition. 40 years experience at the leading edge of high tech covering a very broad background in nuclear systems, robotics and instrumentation. Most recently focused on medical instruments and medical simulation training. In 2010, published two books to summarize major discoveries in sociology, psychology, and world sustainability. In 2013, founded the A3 Research Institute to gather people of like interests, to implement major discoveries in science, sociology and sustainability which underlie the A3 philosophy. In 2015, completed and published a major scientific paper which proposed a new structure for matter in the universe and presented a model for the Grand Unification of matter and energy. Mr. Nappi graduated with an MS from MIT in 1969 and currently lives in Massachusetts.

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