Monday, February 29, 2016

Introducing Electronic Singer-Songwriter, Lexxica; Releasing her New Single “Hello Friday” out February 22nd!

Music Video Out February 23rd!

Hollywood, CA, February 29, 2016 - Presenting EDM vocalist, Lexxica; known for her wide range of musical productions. The singer-songwriter incorporates house, indie-dance, electro, and dubstep into her uplifting and high energy tracks. Getting ready to drop her second EP, Lexxica is set to release her first single and music video “Hello Friday” on February 22nd and 23rd, respectively. 

Hello Friday” conveys the revitalizing anthem for the weekend. It emphasizes relinquishing your responsibilities after Friday and enjoying your freedom to the fullest. Lexxica intends for her listeners to let loose and let the music take control. This track’s rising energy builds with uplifting synths and Lexxica’s melodic vocals that flow in to a heavy electro-house drop.

There is no question about Lexxica’s passion for electronic music. Bringing her fans, not only something to listen to but, an experience for her listeners to captivate and feel. She clearly portrays her passion through her songwriting and pulsing, exhilarating songs. “It gets into your soul and pumps energy in to your veins,” Lexica says.

Lexxica co-wrote the single “Hello Friday” with Grammy nominated producer, Rusty Varenkamp. Varenkamp produced all of Lexxica’s upcoming tracks that will be featured on her soon-to-be released EP due out spring 2016.

“This song is about getting away and escaping the mundane. When you just need that rescue with your friends, when Friday comes along and you are under the lights and the whole world disappears. You feel free and alive and it’s the only place you want to be!” –Lexxica.

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