Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ecotech Institute Students Graduate “Job Ready” With Industry Certifications

Programs allow new professionals to enter desired industries and hit the ground running

Denver, CO, February 26, 2014 – Students attending Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on renewable energy and sustainability training, can now receive industry certification from three distinct national standards development and credential organizations. This provides Ecotech Institute graduates the best foundation possible to immediately make an impact in their field.

Ecotech Institute students have the opportunity to graduate with certifications from North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and Building Performance Institute (BPI).

These designations expand graduates’ career opportunities. For example, the BPI certification ensures that new professionals interested in careers in state-run energy efficiency and weatherization programs are qualified for these positions, since many of these programs require the BPI certification.

“We are proud of our graduates and the knowledge and complete skill sets they have when they leave Ecotech,” said Chris Gorrie, Academic Dean of Ecotech Institute. “When our graduates enter the workforce they can immediately make a difference in their career because of our hands-on green energy training labs and the sustainable energy-related courses our students go through.”

Ecotech Institute has nine renewable energy labs that students can take advantage of to get a hands-on education. This year, Ecotech Institute’s energy efficiency lab will also open, helping students prepare for sustainable energy industry certifications on-site.

The new energy efficiency lab is in addition to Ecotech Institute’s Wind Training Lab, which simulates operational and safety functions on large, commercial wind turbines. These labs further position Ecotech Institute as the premier destination for renewable energy education.

Ecotech Institute, based in Aurora, Colo., currently offers eight associate’s degree programs:

Facility Management Technology
Energy Efficiency
Solar Energy Technology
Wind Energy Technology
Renewable Energy Technology
Electrical Energy Technology
Power Utility Technician
Business Administration – Sustainability.

For more information on Ecotech Institute, visit

About Ecotech Institute
Ecotech Institute is the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainability and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Launched in April 2010 in Denver, Colorado, it offers eight highly practical renewable energy degree programs that provide graduates with skills valued by today’s alternative renewable energy employers. Classes start once per quarter and applications are always accepted. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Ecotech Institute is a division of Education Corporation of America. For more information about Ecotech Institute, visit or call 877-326-5576.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Collard Receives Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award From Assn Interim Executives

The Association of Interim Executives honors John M. Collard with Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award

Annapolis, Maryland, February 24, 2014 - The Association of Interim Executives is pleased to present Mr. John M. Collard with their inaugural Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award. The Association of Interim Executives has awarded John Collard the first ever Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence, contributions, and years of success as an interim executive and turnaround specialist. Beginning his career as a financial analyst and working his way up the corporate ladder, John Collard has completed 45 assignments as an interim executive and achieved over $1 billion in transaction value for clients. In addition he has served as Chairman of the Association of Interim Executives since its inception. Collard is Past Chairman of the Turnaround Management Association. Collard was recently inducted into the Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall Of Fame. Collard is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), and a Certified International Turnaround Manager (CITM).

"I have been an Interim CEO and turnaround expert for over three decades and I continue to find out I have a very rewarding career," Collard said. "As an interim executive, you are turning the company from a loss to some sort of a leader. You are taking something that was a catastrophe and organizing it. I am always amazed at the situations that companies get themselves into." Collard continued. “I am honored and very proud to receive this Award. Thank you.”

As Chairman of Strategic Management Partners, Inc. in Annapolis, Maryland, John has parachuted into companies as the Interim CEO, COO, senior executive to turn around troubled and distressed companies, or serve as an outside director. He has achieved big results in this period with assignments ranging from turning around and selling a $25 million NASDAQ traded manufacturer, to a $33 million weapons defense contractor where he repositioned the company to achieve 3x revenue growth.

"We are honored to have John M. Collard as our inaugural recipient of the Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award. Interim management is a new and expanding career choice and it is the success of accomplished executives such as John Collard that gives interim management the credibility it has in the marketplace," says Association of Interim Executives founder and CEO Robert Jordan.

John M. Collard is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), and a Certified International Turnaround Manager (CITM), who brings 35 years senior operating leadership, $85M asset and investment recovery, 45+ transactions worth $780M+, and $80M fund management expertise to run troubled companies, serve on boards, advise company boards, litigators, institutional and private equity investors, and raise capital. John has parachuted in as the Interim CEO or senior executive to turn around a troubled entity, and serves as an outside director. John is Chairman of Strategic Management Partners, Inc. in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. John is inducted into the Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall Of Fame, Past Chairman of Turnaround Management Association (TMA), Chairman of Association of Interim Executives (AIE), and Senior Fellow of Turnaround Management Society (TMS). John is honored with the Interim Management Lifetime Achievement Award by the As sociation of Interim Executives .

Strategic Management Partners, Inc. 410-263-9100 is a turnaround management firm specializing in interim management and executive CEO leadership, asset and investment recovery, corporate renewal governance, board and private equity advisory, raising capital, and investing in and rebuilding distressed underperforming troubled companies. The firm has been advisor to Presidents Bush (41 & 43), Clinton, Reagan, and Yeltsin, World Bank, EBRD, Company Boards, and Equity Capital Investors on leadership, governance, turnaround management and equity investing. SMP is celebrating 25 years of service to its clients. SMP was named Maryland's Small Business of the Year, and received the Governor's Citation, Governor Martin J. O'Malley, The State of Maryland as a special tribute to honor work in the areas of turning around troubled companies and saving jobs in Maryland. Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine has twice named SMP among the 'Top O utstanding Turnaround Management Firms'. American Business Journals named SMP among the Most Active Turnaround Management Firms in Baltimore, Washington, and Mid-Atlantic Region. Global M&A Network Turnaround Atlas Awards named SMP as Boutique Turnaround Consulting Firm of Year.

About the Association of Interim Executives:
Association of Interim Executives is the voice of interim executives globally, a professional association with the mandate to educate the business world about the expanding specialty being practiced by many thousands of executives. It provides a forum for increasing knowledge within the profession and brings together interim executives and the companies that need them.

John Collard
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Christina Moss Naturals Tells How to Have Great Skin in 7 Easy Steps

Great Skin Begins With These 7 Steps - Christina Moss Naturals

Los Angeles, CA, February 21, 2014 - Christina Moss Naturals. Your face is the most conspicuous part of your skin. You may not think about it but on a daily basis your face tells the world if your skin is being cared for or neglected. Correct skin care that results in a healthier complexion is far easier and less costly than one might expect.

Detergents, artificial fragrances and other chemical based products should never be used on your face. If there is any chemical sensitivity these product will sabotage your skin care routine. And even normal skin can be left stripped of its natural oils and left unnecessarily dry which can lead to a wrinkled and prematurely aging complexion. It’s never too early to choose the right product. So the first thing to ensure is that you are using an organic facial wash or facial cleanser. We make one (our Organic Facial Wash) that is concentrated so it’s long-lasting and ounce for ounce is not only a fabulous product, it is safe and an economical choice.

The second thing is to wash your face properly. Follow these steps:

1. Wash your hands with hot soapy water and scrub your nails with a nail brush.

2. Remove eye make-up. Remove mascara with a dab of olive oil on a cotton pad. This also works for water-proof mascara. Do not pull at your lashes. The idea is to gently slide the mascara off. Then remove any eye make-up with a drop of olive oil on a fresh cotton pad. Avoid tugging and pulling at this delicate area. Be gentle with your skin.

3. Splash your face with warm water. Do not use hot water as it is stressful for your skin and could result in burst capillaries.

4. Squeeze a penny-sized amount of cleanser from the bottle directly onto a wet facial brush, a face cloth or your fingers, and begin massaging the cleanser into your skin in small circular motions. Continue this way across your forehead, face and neck. Remember to be gentle.

5. When done, rinse your face and neck thoroughly with warm water being careful to remove all residue, and finish by splashing your face with cool water to help close the pores.

6. Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

7. Moisturize your face and neck.

Christina Moss, Founder of Christina Moss Naturals
Christina Moss Naturals all organic and 100% natural skin and hair care line actually works. They have review after review on their website and Amazon listings of customers that have had excellent, even amazing, results with these products. They even guarantee their products and your satisfaction.

For more information and where to find Christina Moss Naturals products, go to:


YouTube: ChristinaMoss2012

Facebook: Christina Moss Naturals

If you would like to learn more about Christina Moss Naturals organic & all natural skin and hair care products, you can contact Christina Moss at or visit her website at You can also reach her by phone at 818-843-3427 or by mail at 1229 N. Lamer St, Burbank, CA. 91506.

Christina Moss
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lap Steel Guitarist Michael Barry-Rec Releases New Album

Lap Steel Guitarist Michael Barry-Rec Releases New Album “Continuum” February 18 Featuring George Winston on First Single “Sanctum”

Los Angeles, CA, February 20, 2014 - For lap steel guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Barry-Rec, his third full-length release, Continuum, produced a fresh new sound that emerged from his incredible experience at Montrose Recording Studio in Richmond, Virginia.


All previous releases were drawn out over a relatively long period, while Continuum flowed organically for a surprisingly quick recording process. “Although the songs themselves came through and surfaced as life experience allowed, the studio time itself was quite focused (but) with breath! It was the environment and all involved that kept the creative doors open and the magic bouncing off the walls!” Michael recalls.

Continuum showcases Michael’s progression and limitless artistry for his love for the lap steel guitar. Seamlessly blending everything from rock, folk, Americana, and blues, with an ambient sensibility, listeners get a taste of a well-rounded album of intelligent variations. Precise melodic execution from his fine acoustic and lap steel delivery make Continuum a solid and infectious new release. Featuring special guest contributions from George Winston on lead single “Sanctum” and bassist JD Foster who has toured with Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Dwight Yoakam.

From intimate simplicity to soulful dynamics, this thirteen track, well-crafted, instrumental album exposes a passionate, mature artist setting his sights for the stars!

Michael Barry-Rec links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

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Legendary Singer-Songwriter and Producer Bunny Sigler Releases New Music Video and Radio Single

Legendary Singer-Songwriter and Producer Bunny Sigler Releases New Music Video and Radio Single “Do The Calypso Dance” February 18

Los Angeles, CA, February 20, 2014 - Four-time Grammy winning producer/singer/songwriter Bunny Sigler releases a fresh new single that will excite past and present fans. Teaming up with a young Haitian producer, “Do The Calypso Dance” is a breath of fresh air that is the perfect summer-time anthem. The prolific songwriter who produced the “Philly Sound”, excites his audience with this highly anticipated new single continuously showcasing his range of songs.


Infectious and fun, Sigler takes all the right risks with this vibrant song that will catch anyone’s ear. Known to many of his fans and peers as “Mr. Emotion”, Sigler still provides his signature smooth sound and romantic lyrics all still while having fun with this record to release something so different from anything else he has released in the past.

The playful music video for “Do The Calypso Dance” is a perfect blend and partner to the single with Sigler shaking along to choreography to the shimmery single and singing along on the beach.

Bunny has been known for working with a string of acts over the years such as Curtis Mayfield, Barbara Mason, Gamble & Huff, Outkast and even Jay-Z. He continues to evolve as an artist staying in tune to what’s current in order to be a relevant songwriter to continue his long-running career in the music industry.

Bunny Sigler links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Reverbnation

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Colorado HealthOP Encourages Colorado’s Moms to Get Covered

New Healthcare Law Makes Health Insurance More Affordable and Accessible for Mothers and Moms-to-Be

Denver, CO, February 19, 2014 — Colorado HealthOP, Colorado’s first statewide nonprofit health insurance cooperative, reports that 1 in 5 women enrolling in its plans are moms – women with at least one dependent. Because the new healthcare law affords women with children more comprehensive healthcare options that are tailored to their needs, Colorado HealthOP is committed to helping more moms get covered.

“You’ve likely seen the many insurance campaigns featuring moms prompting their adult children to get health insurance, which is important,” said Julia Hutchins, chief executive officer of Colorado HealthOP. “Equally as important is moms – and dads – seeking coverage for themselves. Many benefits of the new healthcare law make it easier and less expensive for moms to get the care they need.”

In 2011, 15 percent of Colorado parents were uninsured, according to data from Kids Count. Uninsured women are more likely to have inadequate access to care, get a lower standard of care when they are in the health system, and have poorer health outcomes, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Colorado HealthOP is dedicated to educating moms about the benefits that the new healthcare law provides, including the following eight facts that Colorado women should know.

1. You may be able to get help paying for your health insurance. Moms who qualify can apply for income-based tax credits to help cover the costs of insurance premiums.

2. You can keep your children on your policy until they turn 26. They can be kept on your plan even if they are married, not living with you or eligible to participate in their own employer’s plan.

3. You are entitled to free preventive care, including birth control. Preventive services, including well-woman visits, screenings for disease, contraceptives and family planning counseling are covered at no charge. Most FDA-approved birth control methods are all covered without co-pays.

4. If you have a baby, your maternity care will be covered. Maternity care is considered one of the 10 essential health benefits that must be covered by all health plans beginning in 2014.

5. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you are covered. The new healthcare law requires health plans to cover the costs of breastfeeding equipment and breastfeeding counseling without a co-pay.

6. You cannot be charged more because you are a woman. In the past, insurers were allowed to charge women a higher insurance premium than men purchasing the same coverage. The new healthcare law prohibits this “gender rating.”

7. You can buy health insurance just for your kids. If you do not want to cover yourself, you can still cover your kids. However, any adults without coverage may be required to pay a tax penalty.

8. Keeping your kids’ teeth healthy will be easier. Pediatric dental care is covered as one of the essential health benefits.

“The new healthcare law makes health insurance more affordable and accessible for many Colorado families,” said Hutchins. “If Colorado parents think their families can’t afford health insurance, I urge them to contact us to learn how they can join a cooperative health plan that is committed to making health insurance more affordable.”

Colorado moms can shop for Colorado HealthOP health insurance plans on the state’s health insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado. For more information about Colorado HealthOP’s plans or to get a quote, please visit

About Colorado HealthOP
Colorado HealthOP offers a new alternative to traditional health insurance in Colorado. A nonprofit health insurance cooperative, Colorado HealthOP and its members are committed to providing affordable, quality coverage to individuals and employers interested in making a difference in their own health, their employees’ health and the health of their community. Colorado HealthOP aims to improve health outcomes by putting the responsibility for consumers’ care back into the hands of the cooperative’s members and providers. A private market solution tailored for individuals and employers, Colorado HealthOP will begin open enrollment in October 2013 via Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, and through independent brokers and agents. Coverage will begin January 1, 2014. For more information about Colorado HealthOP, please visit or call 720.627.8900.

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ArtistEcard’s Comprehensive Marketing Platform for Artists, Bands and DJs Receives Notable Interest

ArtistEcard’s Comprehensive Marketing Platform for Artists, Bands and DJs Receives Notable Interest for Mobile Builder Program At MIDEM Conference

Los Angeles, CA, February 19, 2014 - Create/Publish/Engage/Monetize: ArtistEcard’s slogan to musicians and artists is simply that: direct and to the point. While the Internet and social media have evolved into free marketing tools for any brand, company or individual to take advantage of, there are a select few all-inclusive services that capitalize on user-friendly tools for creating an online presence and brand building catering to Artists, Bands & DJs.

The music industry has constantly evolved and artists can no longer rely on album sales alone. Promoting oneself via an online presence is what is expected and needed in order to stay relevant. Setting-up a new release, promoting tour dates or starting a campaign can be a daunting task if you do not have the necessary tools or budget. ArtistEcard aims to change all that with a one-stop / one log in marketing platform for website and EPK development, fan engagement and acquisition, the creation of apps, distribution and an e-commerce solution. All tools which are easy to utilize, with no HTML or coding skills required. The service is free with upgrades starting at eight dollars per month.

ArtistEcard tool features include;

* Music, bio, music, news, photos, videos, shows and contact info

* HTML5 website development

* Facebook, iPhone and Android apps

* Website & apps which are optimized for all mobile devices

* The ability to sell tickets directly to fans

* A domain and webhosting while offering established artists’ the ability to use existing domains

* Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

* The sales of digital, physical and virtual goods providing the credit card processing (accepting all types of currency) and the pick, pack and ship globally from their centralized warehouse

* Content and updates are dynamically pulled from the client console publishing across all platforms

* The site is available in multiple languages

* Video tutorials and online customer support Artistecard overview:

Apps generated an estimated $26 billion in worldwide revenue in 2013, up 44% over 2012, according to Gartner. ArtistEcard Mobile Builder provides clients with the ability to create their own stunning mobile apps for iOS and Android, optimized for mobile devices. Once the user has created a profile, one simply clicks on the Mobile Builder, types in a name for the app with a description and upload an image and a logo. Clicking next, musicians and bands can choose from a number of players and colors and then designate iPhone/ Android or both for use. Once saved, the ArtistEcard Developer account(s) submits the apps to iTunes and/or Google Play for approval. The menu for the apps include; music, bio, videos, photos, shows, news, e-commerce store and more with all content dynamically pulled from the client’s dashboard and pushed to the apps in real time. Apps are included with the Pro Plan or available separately for $8 or 2 for $12. More information and how to use Artistecard’s Mobile Builder can be found at

Catering to a highly targeted clientele, ArtistEcard is the ideal marketing platform for professional musicians, solo artists, bands, record labels, producers, engineers, managers, DJs, and students focusing on promotion, brand building and fan engagement.

The Company recently attended the MIDEM Conference held annually in Cannes, France where they held a series of successful meetings with digital aggregators, distributors and information technology services. As a member of A2IM, the meetings were held in their exhibition space where the marketing platform was met with great enthusiasm. Numerous digital distributors from around the world showed a keen interest in the Mobile Builder for Apps with intentions of making them available to each respective client base. Immediate future plans are to leverage these newfound relationships into curating additional formidable global marketing B 2 B strategic partnerships.

About Artistecard:
Headquartered in Chicago, ArtistEcard is a comprehensive marketing platform providing the tools for Artists, Bands and DJs to create, publish, engage and monetize fans. The powerful software platform includes a suite of tools including: HTML5 and EPK builder; Facebook, mobile apps; integration of social media platforms; database management for direct-to-fan engagement; ecommerce store for physical, digital and virtual goods with centralized global fulfillment; world-wide digital distribution; enhanced analytics and support services. The service is free and includes a domain and webhosting while offering established artists’ the ability to use existing domains. The site is available in multiple languages with upgrades starting at $8.00 per month. ArtistEcard allows users to create all of these elements for themselves with no coding or website development skills required. For more information, visit:

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pop/Soul/Dance Band Not Dead Yett!! Formed by Legendary Producer Don Mizell release self-titled Album February 18

Miami Based Duo Release New Single/Video for “Let Go, Let’s Go” February 3

Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 2014 - Grammy winning producer Don Mizell steps into the spotlight with an inspirational debut release of a collection of motivational and personal songs that aim to help change the world with positive upbeat lyrics and conscious message. By combining synths, funky bass grooves and soulful singing, Not Dead Yett!! is an exciting new release filled with a colorful array of songs for a musical movement of a debut album and lead
single, “Let Go, Let’s Go”.


Don Mizell, also known as Dr. Don DJ, has made a successful life career in music. With this debut release, Mizell aims to showcase that it’s never too late to dream big ---- because we are “Not Dead Yet!!”

Lead single “Let Go, Let's Go” set for release February 3, is emblematic of the inspired vision behind the album, “with a pop dance ditty geared to blending 1980s synth pop and some of today's chart topping dance music stars,” Mizell explains. The overall theme of Not Dead Yett!! is to never forget that set backs in life should not be a reason for not letting go and living your life to the fullest.

“It's a dedication to awareness and practice of always moving ---in your mind, in your heart, in your soul and with your body --- towards a goal, a dream, a North Star. that will serve as a dream that comes true, a hope that happens, a faith re confirmed and a way of loving that nourishes you in ways that heals your broken thoughts and feelings,“ Mizell explains.

Not Dead Yett!! links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

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Emerging Singer-Songwriter Roxanna to Release New Music Video of Single “Close your Eyes”

Radio Premiere February 18 – Available On Itunes Feb 25. “I believe music can heal. I believe music can soothe. I believe music is the language of the heart and soul. I believe you can spin tragedy into beauty.”

Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 2014 - Canadian singer-songwriter Roxanna is a breath of fresh air emerging with a Latin flair from a cultured background, distinguishing herself from today’s contemporary artists. Joining forces with Mark Portmann, known for working with artists such as Michael Buble and Barbara Streisand, Roxanna has produced a polished and luxurious rich sound. “Close Your Eyes” provides a snippet of Roxanna’s sultry vocals and artistic style showcased through her anticipated upcoming album Exotica, a seamless, mastered mix of adult contemporary, classic pop, world, and a taste of flamenco which will be released in April.


“Close Your Eyes” takes you on a personal journey of an empathetic story, with her accompanied music video. Featuring a minimal backdrop, the direction perfectly fits with the dramatic storyline and emotional lyrics. Proving that this single can already be a classic ballad, Roxanna’s heartfelt message is strongly emphasized by the elegance of her beautiful vocals. Just from the first few bars of music, you’ll be mystified by the music inviting you to continue to listen to this story she is singing to you.

“Written by Lindy Robbins and Mark Portmann, their words really spoke to me and my previous career being a nurse, “Til your worries are melting away… and your dreams come carry you far from sorrow…I’ll be here til the sunrise… you’re stronger than you ever knew before.” It sends the same message I would tell my patients that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, after every storm there is a rainbow, just an overall hope in the end.”

Roxanna is determined to craft every song and lyric as relatable to whomever will take a listen. It was her patients and her mother who inspired her to pursue music and gave her the desire to heal people. Roxanna wants to spread love through romance songs and her stories. Relating with every lyric especially as a nurse and as a healer, it still can connect with anyone who has gone through tough times, fought back and have become a stronger people as a result of any hardships and obstacles that life has thrown at them.

“I believe “Close Your Eyes” can relate to many people who have lost loved ones or losing their hope. When people are listening to the lyrics I’d like them to know they are not alone. I wish to heal them with this song.”

With plans for a full-length debut CD release, “Exotica” will be available worldwide on April 15, 2014 featuring a string of romantic and flamenco influenced songs including new renditions of The Hollies 1972 hit song, “The Air That I Breathe,” Julio Iglesias’ 1975 hit song “El Amor,” and Lionel Richie’s 1984 smash hit, “Hello,” which will be premiering soon on smooth jazz radio stations across the United States.

Roxanna links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

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Monday, February 17, 2014 Makes Cryptocurrency Conversion and Calculation as Easy as a Dream is a web-based cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which offers services that are free of charge to all users across the world.

Munich, Germany, February 17, 2014 - It is unarguably the simplest, most accurate and reliable cryptocurrency calculator, and the only conversion tool in the market today. The coming of this service into the market eliminates the need for manual conversion, monitoring and switching among exchange rates while searching for the most favorable rate. Now, the software does all that work for you and it will also easily convert your cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or to Euros or US Dollars, whichever you prefer.

Just as trades on the Forex set the exchange rates for the dollar, sterling pound, Euro and other fiat money, the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is also determined by the supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges. With the entry of the business of converting cryptocurrencies has just become much easier.

Cryptonator supports all cryptocurrencies that are in the market. Users will now find converting and monitoring the exchange rates and the values of the cryptocurrencies very easy, as the service will do that for them. Thanks to the use of the volume-weighted averages of the chosen cryptocurrencies and their prices across different online exchanges. It is also a very responsive service that has been designed for use not only on desktops and laptops, but across different smartphone technologies like the iOS and android.

Cryptocurrencies have quickly become widely accepted in both online and retail stores, as well as for numerous services. The first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the market was the Bitcoin in 2009 but after that, there have been many others. Cryptonator works for all of them, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and others.

The rates are up to date as they are updated every minute across the main online exchanges. This assures all users that whenever they are converting their cryptocurrencies to US$ and Euros or to other cryptocurrency, they will get their exchange at the trending rates.

About is a web-based cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which allows users to instantly convert almost every cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency or into USD, sterling pound and Euro. Thanks to the user friendly and responsive design, users can estimate the cryptocurrencies values even when they are on the go on their smartphones. Cryptonator is synchronized with all the major exchanges and calculates the volume-weighted average of selected cryptocurrency prices across major online exchanges.

Roman Boss
Mediapro UG
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+49 8920948098

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Honey in the Rock Launches 40th Anniversary "Forty & Fierce" 2014 US Tour

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, the venerable and Grammy nominated a cappella ensemble who've built a legacy for merging an inimitable and distinct harmonic vocal blend with a veracious commitment to activism, social justice

New York, NY, February 14, 2014 - SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, the venerable and Grammy nominated a cappella ensemble who've built a legacy for merging an inimitable and distinct harmonic vocal blend with a veracious commitment to activism, social justice, equality and freedom has announced the launch of the SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK - 40TH ANNIVERSARY: FORTY & FIERCE 2014 year and kicked off their premiere show at the Zellerbach Auditorium at UC Berkeley, CA.

The Berkeley performance kick-offs a West Coast run that also includes performances during Black History month at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA, 2/15, the Newmark Theater in Portland, 2/17, and The Triple Door in Seattle, WA, 2/18-19. The ensemble will finish up their initial run of dates with performances at the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda, MD on March 1 and as part of the popular Celebrity Series at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA on March 2.

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK has configured two different productions to honor and celebrate their 40th Anniversary throughout the year. The enhanced FORTY & FIERCE production (which is being presented at Zellerbach, Strathmore and Symphony Hall) is their most adventurous live performance presentation to date. It's their first fully scripted show with a storyline, which is helmed by noted Director/Choreographer Dianne McIntyre. The show fuses a video projected montage of archival images of the ensemble and poignant historical moments that are woven into a scrapbook and retrospective motif that will be synced to some of the musical segments. Throughout the show each member will also share their own intimate personal stories in dialogue and perform influential songs that have highlighted their incredible journey over the past four decades.

The show will feature Sweet Honey's core members Louise Robinson, Carol Maillard, Nitanju Bolade Casel, Aisha Kahlil and Shirley Childress (American Sign Interpreter) with special appearances by guest vocalist Navasha Daya, bassist Parker McAllister (acoustic upright and electric bass) and percussionist Samuel Turner. Musically, FORTY & FIERCE will rely on the depth of the ensemble's varied repertoire and newly arranged medleys and arrangements of some of their classics. Audiences will also be warmed up and treated to a special pre-show presentation entitled SHE-ROCKS 5 RADIO, that will comprise an audio compilation of their most revered songs. The program is hosted by DJ Merk (Epatha Merkerson) and produced by Louise Robinson and Jordon Maillard Ware.

The more intimate format SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK - 40TH ANNIVERSARY features the core group and guest bassist Parker McAllister and incorporates some of the storyline and staging elements of the larger production. However, it will not include the same audio visual and lighting components in intimate spaces such as the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, the Newmark Theater in Portland and The Triple Door in Seattle.

"We're extremely excited and feel blessed to have experienced and enjoyed such longevity, and we're very thankful to all our loyal fans who have stood by us all these years," stated Sweet Honey's Carol Maillard. "They have been the driving force that has fueled all our artistic endeavors, and we're elated and happy to celebrate and share this special show with our fans and show them why we all feel "FORTY & FIERCE."

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK began creating its' adventurous and diverse mixture of blues, African, jazz, gospel and R & B music as a quartet in 1973. Formed by Dr. Bernice Reagon (who retired in 2004) the ensemble's patented sound was honed during a workshop at the D.C Black Repertory Theater Company in Washington, DC. Since that time, they have performed throughout the world, including South Africa, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, at many of the premiere venues in the United States, released 23 recordings, been featured in documentaries and amassed a distinguished list of honors, awards and accolades.

Last year they successfully launched their first ever fan based fundraising campaign with the Indie Gogo online platform. Funds derived from the campaign have been used to produce the FORTY & FIERCE show. Some of the supporters who made donations were awarded perks including being special guests of Sweet Honey at selected 40th Anniversary Shows. They also toured Europe and Australia, performed at the National Memorial Service for the late Nelson Mandela presented at the National Cathedral in Washington DC and were recipients of distinguished awards by the Search for Common Ground Organization in DC and "The Keeper Of Flame" Award" presented at the national convention and Signature Gala of the Delta Sigma Theta Society in Washington, DC.

In 2012, they performed at the unveiling ceremonies for the Martin Luther King monument on the National Mall. They also debuted their first ever orchestral collaboration, providing the lyrics for composer William Banfield’s “Symphony 10: Affirmations for a New World,” co-commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra (Christoph Eschenbach, Music Director) and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC; the Minnesota Orchestra, (Osmo Vänskä, Music Director); and the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Millennium Park, Chicago, released a thought-provoking single and video, “Are We A Nation,” inspired by the controversial immigration law that was enacted in Arizona . The song captured a Gold Songwriter Award from the 27th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and was featured on an all-star compilation, “Bordersongs,” that raised money for the No More Deaths organization, which provides water and humanitarian aid along the Arizona/Mexico border. Their latest 2-CD set, “A Tribute – Live! Jazz at Lincoln Center,” pays homage to some of the great female African-American vocalists whose songs helped shape the group, including Abbey Lincoln, Odetta, Miriam Makeba, and Nina Simone.

For more information go to:

Chip Schutzman
Miles High Productions
P.O. Box 93157
Hollywood, CA 90093

Thursday, February 13, 2014

StartLine Racing Partners with BADASS Dash™ To Offer Exciting New Race Experiences Throughout North America

StartLine Racing, whose mission is to give every runner the best possible Race Day experience each and every time they lace up their shoes, has entered into a mutual partnership with the BADASS Dash™ Obstacle Course Race Series for 2014.

Scottsdale, AZ, Feb 14, 2014 — StartLine Racing, whose mission is to give every runner the best possible Race Day experience each and every time they lace up their shoes, has entered into a mutual partnership with the BADASS Dash™ Obstacle Course Race Series for 2014. This partnership will add a completely new genre to an already large schedule of events StartLine Racing is managing results for while enabling BADASS Dash™ to take their amazing events, which benefit Autism Speaks through their Team-Up Program, to the next level with state-of-the-art results management.

"StartLine Racing couldn't be more excited about our partnership with the BADASS Dash™,” said CEO, Jeff Crane. “StartLine is always looking to expand its schedule of races and being able to add an OCR series of this magnitude to our ever growing schedule as well as venture into markets we have not yet been to as a company were definitely some of our goals in 2014. I think that bringing our two companies together is going to create something very special!"

In addition to working together on enhancing the overall race day experience, StartLine Racing and BADASS Dash™ will be also be cross-promoting each other’s events throughout the year to provide more opportunities for their collective participant base to consider.

“With the addition of StartLine Racing to the BADASS Dash™ live event team, we are looking forward to benefits that their state of the art systems can provide to our races in 2014,” said Grant Reeves, CEO for BADASS Dash USA, LLC. “Instant messaging of your race time and chip activated photos for instant upload are just 2 of many new components that StartLine brings to the table which will not only enhance the event experience but also provide our competitors with instant opportunity to share their experience,” said Grant Reeves, CEO for BADASS Dash USA, LLC.

About StartLine Racing:
StartLine Racing was created to give every runner the best possible Race Day experience each and every time. Whether it is a charity race of 100 participants or an event of 10,000, all events are judged by the experience that each individual walks away with on that day. We make it our goal to provide the best service and experience to EACH participant EVERY time!

About BADASS Dash™:
BADASS Dash™ benefits Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism; to raising public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society; and to bringing hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder. It is Autism Speaks firm belief that, working together, we will find the missing pieces of the puzzle. We are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals. The cause is bigger than the obstacles. For more information, visit

About Black Dog Promotions:
Black Dog Promotions is a media and business development agency and also provides digital marketing and publicity consulting for regional and national brands. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries. We have taken companies from concept to millions of dollars in sales and billions of dollars in market capitalization. Black Dog Promotions understands how to help business expand and reach their goals.

Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe, AZ 85284

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Take Your Relationship to New Depths this Valentine’s Day

Academy of Scuba Introduces New Romance Package to Spark Excitement and Adventure into Every Relationship.

Phoenix, AZ, February 06, 2014 - The Academy of Scuba today announced, for a limited time, a celebration of adventure and excitement for every relationship through its exclusive Scuba Romance Package. Always on the cutting edge of innovation and guiding thousands of people into Scuba diving, Arizona’s premier Scuba diving shop is offering a first of its kind Scuba Romance Package to help couples spend more time together and have fun. Can you think of a better Valentine’s Day Present?

The Scuba Romance Package is a comprehensive package to help couples start diving together with incredible value and savings. Included in the Scuba Romance Package is the following:

* Private Open Water Scuba Certification Lessons for Two People

* Rental Scuba Gear to use during your course

* $150 per person towards Personal Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Boots)

* Matching Shorty Wetsuits

* Underwater Communication Course – Scuba Sign Language to use Underwater

* Emergency First Response Course – Scuba First Aid and Safety

* A “Heart Shaped” Graduation Photo

* Certification Fees and More

For complete details go to

If you are looking to spice up your relationship, have an amazing adventure, and spend time with your favorite dive buddy, the Academy of Scuba Romance Package is a great value and tremendous opportunity to take your relationship to “new depths”.

About The Academy of Scuba™
Academy of Scuba Inc., with multiple locations in Arizona, is a PADI Five Star IDC Training Facility, a DAN Training Center/Business Member, a DEMA Member, and a member of the Better Business Bureau. The Academy of Scuba is an industry innovator for developing, implementing, and reinforcing advanced level Scuba diver training programs. The Academy of Scuba focuses on training with an emphasis to create “great divers”. The sole purpose of the Academy of Scuba is to not just put people in the water, but to keep people in the water. The Academy of Scuba assists divers in increasing enjoyment, adventure, and safety through better education and more frequent dive experiences.

Academy of Scuba Paradise Valley - 4015 E Bell Road Suite 134 Phoenix AZ 85032
Academy of Scuba Metro Center - 8502 N Black Canyon Highway Phoenix AZ 85051

Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe, AZ 85284

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Arizona’s Largest Annual Celebration of the Outdoors Expands to Include the Arizona Boat ShowTM

The 14th annual Arizona International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) will fill the University of Phoenix Stadium Feb. 20-23 with an expanded list of outdoor products.

Glendale, AZ, February 06, 2014 - The 14th annual Arizona International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) will fill the University of Phoenix Stadium Feb. 20-23 with an expanded list of outdoor products. Open to the public, the expo will draw more than 15,000 attendees from the Valley and throughout Arizona.

The expo will spotlight 300 companies: manufacturers and retailers; local, regional and international destinations; guides and outfitters; travel bureaus; enthusiast clubs and groups; and nonprofit organizations representing a wide range of outdoor interests. The ISE also presents campers, trailers and a huge selection of offroading vehicles, including UTVs, ATVs, trucks and 4x4s.

ISE’s new, co-located Arizona Boat ShowTM will feature 11 local marine dealers presenting 20 national sport- and fishing-boat brands. 2014 watercraft for sale will include wakeboard and ski boats, fish/ski boats, family runabouts, party pontoons, deck boats, personal watercraft, kayaks and stand-up-paddle boards. A giant houseboat will be on hand, too, plus a wide selection of marine accessories for sale at show prices.

The event also offers two outdoor-skills and seminar venues: the Adventure Theater and 40-ft.-long aquarium-demonstration tank, which presents Arizona’s top bass pros and fishing guides. Special guests include Scottsdale-based outdoor-gear guru Tim Ralston, and Richard Nance, host of Personal Defense TV. Ralston’s business, Gear Up, will offer a wide variety of camping and survival gadgets for sale. There’s also a large, new display of fishing lures for sale. In addition, two trophy displays spotlight elk and deer from throughout the West.

Interactive features that also host statewide contests are a perennial show favorite. Winners from the DockDogs water-jumping contest will have a chance at the World Championships. The show’s 9,000-sq.-ft., three-dimensional-target archery range hosts a high-energy tournament with more than $1,000 in cash and prizes awarded to winners in men’s and women’s divisions.

The Youth Fair represents ISE’s significant investment in the future of the outdoors, offering youth free instruction in catch-and-release fishing, archery and shooting safety.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department will bring its extremely popular “asset sale,” which raises money for law-enforcement operations by selling and auctioning seized hides, horns and other items.

Once again, on Saturday, the Grand Canyon Council Boy Scouts of America will co-locate its annual Scout-O-Rama on UoP’s giant west lawn (separate admission). ISE supports this family event, which draws 15,000 people.

ADMISSION: $12 adult admission. Parking is free, as is admission to youth under 15 and Active Military with military ID. Uniformed Scouts are also admitted for no charge.

SHOW HOURS: Thurs & Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm; Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm; Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm.



Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe, AZ 85284

Luxury Travel Ltd (Vietnam) appoints PiC Travel as its new Marketing & Representation partner in the UK

Luxury Travel Ltd ( continues to target the UK market by appointing a new regional representative in PiC Travel ( with immediate effect.

Hanoi, Vietnam, February 05, 2014 - Luxury Travel Vietnam founder Pham Ha said “we're really excited to be working with PiC Travel in the UK as their ambition and passion meets our own. We make this appointment as the UK is an important market for our company providing significant revenue and at a time when we continue winning numerous trade accounts and enjoy triple digit growth”.

According to Pham Ha, “Vietnam is a destination that is the envy of Asia” pointing out “that a recent survey of 1,200 travel experts taken during the World Travel Market revealed that most travel experts believe Vietnam is shaping up to be one of the most attractive destinations in Asia”. Pham continued “That's understandable with Vietnam boasting world class hotels and resorts, beaches and cuisine in addition to its natural beauty, rich history and traditional culture.”

Jason Squires of PiC Travel said “We're delighted to be working with Luxury Travel especially as they are regarded as one of the premier tour companies in the Indochina area”.

Jason went on to say “Current market trends in the UK continue to show increased interest in luxury tours in Asia. Many travel experts increasingly recognize the great opportunities in selling Vietnam, Myanmar and the Indochina area”.

The Indochina area is increasingly appealing to British and European travelers especially as in the past few years Vietnam has seen the completion of many luxurious resorts with names such as Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa, Intercontinental Peninsula Danang Sun Spa and Six Senses Con Dao, Amano’i entering the market and offering more choices for travelers. Vietnam is now one of the top ten destinations in Asia with the luxury sector being the fastest growing segment.

Luxury Travel will focus on developing those destinations that attract UK travelers including combining sightseeing in Hanoi, Saigon, Halong Bay, Angkor Wat (Cambodia) with beach vacations in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc. Luxury Travel marketing efforts and commitments will now attract even more British travelers who wish to experience Vietnam in style and luxury, and we will be trying to encourage them to stay longer” with current typical stays of 10-14 days in 5-star hotels.

Pham also announced that in 2014, Luxury Travel has designed a FAM trip for agents and professional travelers. This FAM trip is a great opportunity to experience Vietnam and for travel professionals to enrich their knowledge of this intriguing land and friendly people. Agents will return home from the FAM trip fully equipped as Vietnamese travel specialists, allowing them to generate public awareness of Vietnam as a high-end holiday destination.

Some interesting facts on Vietnam:

* In 2012, the tourism industry generated 6.85 million international and 32.5 million domestic trips creating around US$7.6 billion in revenue.

* In 2013, Vietnam welcomed 7.2 million foreign visitors in all markets and 35 million domestic tourists with revenue of US$9 billion.

* In 2015, Vietnam expects to attract 7 to 7.5 million international tourists and have 36 to 37 million domestic tourists.

* In 2015, the tourism sector will contribute 5.5-6% of the country’s GDP.

About Luxury Travel Ltd:
Vietnam’s first luxury Tour Operator/DMC ( is based in Hanoi, with further offices throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Luxury Travel is exceptional at designing tailor-made tours and providing unique travel experiences. Opened in 2004, the Luxury Travel Company Limited has its own offices, luxury vehicles, luxury travel advisors, and representative offices in California, London, Paris, and Sydney. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enables it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfil client expectations. Luxury Travel Ltd. has won numerous travel awards for excellent performance including “The Years’ Best” of the Guide Award in 2012.

About PiC Travel
PiC Travel is a marketing & representation company based in the UK with offices in London and Sussex. We help CVBs and Tour Operators market their destinations to the UK travel market. PiC's core business is travel representation and summed up in one key sentence - "To promote travel products and services to the travel trade and travelers directly”.

Harvest House
53-55 North Street
Horsham, West Sussex
United Kingdom
RH12 1RN
Ph +44 1403 257227

To achieve maximum exposure for our clients, PiC utilizes both online and offline techniques including: webinars, magazines, newsletters, sales and training visits to Tour Operators etc.

Doan Hong Linh (Ms.)
Marketing Executive
Luxury Travel Ltd
05 Nguyen Truong To Str.,
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444
+ 84.4.39274120 Ext 122

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Cooking Classes at Nacel's Sports Summer Camp in France

French summer camp introduces cooking classes to add to sports training during a two week summer sports camp in Vichy, France. French is the language for all activities; sports include tennis, basketball soccer or a multi-sport option.

Lyon, Rhone, February 05, 2014 - Nacel International has a brand new course for international students who want to learn French over the summer, while enjoying their favorite sports. The summer camps, run by our sports affiliate Sports Elites Jeunes (SEJ), have introduced the option to take French cooking classes in the morning followed by afternoon basketball, tennis or soccer training, or the multisport camp which introduces campers to a new sport each day from, rafting, badminton, volleyball and more. The advantage of the camps is the immersive French language environment offered by living, training and learning in France, where coaches, staff and the majority of students are French. Students, who come to the camps to improve their athletic skills, can now opt for a morning session of French cuisine instead of the three hours of language courses which have been the norm until now.

The cooking course, run by a master-chef, teaches culinary techniques and simple recipes that are easy to prepare at home. Through practical experience, the course aims to awaken the five senses of smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. The workshops take place in a specially equipped teaching kitchen. Topics will include an introduction to the sense of taste, measuring ingredients, conversions, seasonality of foods, sports nutrition and more.

The classes, taught in French, will give students the opportunity to practice a wide range of vocabulary, focused on the selection and preparation of ingredients and the techniques and tools used in the process.

International students will not only come home with improved sports skills, a French cultural experience and new friends, but they will also be able to share their favorite recipes from the following list (and more) of mouth watering delights:

* Verrine de Thon au Saumon Fumé et Crevettes

* Crumble aux Fruits Rouges

* Crèpes Suzette

* Fondant au Chocolat

The sports summer camps are run as two week sessions, starting on June 29th, July 13th and 27th and August 10th. Nacel staff pick-up registered participants at Paris International airport and accompany them to the train station, where they meet up with other campers traveling to Vichy by train. All the campers arrive by 5pm on the first day, in time for the evening ice breaker activities, where the coaches introduce the week's program, play games with students to get everyone talking and help them settle into the residence with their new roommates. One sports activity can welcome up to 100 participants on a single session, so the camps are spread out across four campuses in Vichy, based on the chosen sport.

In the morning, students taking the cooking class, meet-up with participants from other camps, with further opportunities to make friends. In the afternoon, they join those taking other morning electives such as French, English and Spanish language courses or the intensive sports options, for their sports training sessions. Once more, thanks to the number of students who participate on the Nacel Sports summer camps, they will be grouped in teams according to their age and ability level.

Depending on the sport, there is one coach for every 6 to 9 players; coaches also socialize with students after training hours, giving a high level of personal attention to the individual skill development of every player. Many coaches return to the camps every summer, because they see them as a unique way to develop a love of sport in a nurturing environment. Often time, they are past campers who wish to give back to younger generations, the same attention they once received.

The cost for the Cooking + Sport options is 1,580 Euros for soccer, basketball and the multisport options and Cooking + Tennis is 1,695 Euros (approximately $2,160 and $2,320 respectively based on the Euro exchange rate on 27/01/2014), which includes the airport transfers, shared residential accommodation, full board, cooking course and sports training. For more information on the Vichy summer sports camp please use our contact form with Cooking + Sport in the message or call our number in the United States: 651.315.7880.

Since 1957, Nacel's programs have given young people the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world around them. Nacel's programs bring people together to enhance cultural and linguistic awareness and to promote international friendship and harmony. Nacel is an accredited member of many professional language travel industry organizations. We value the quality of our programs, and our customers’ satisfaction is our goal. Watch an interview with the camp director.

Amanda Burstall
Nacel International
Lyon, Rhone
France 69006

Commdex Awarded Major Microwave Project in Midwest U.S

Commdex has been contracted by ALU to support AT&T’s Ethernet to the cell (ETTC) deployments in the United States.

Norcross, Georgia, February 04, 2014 - Commdex, a leading systems integration and engineering firm, has been contracted by Alcatel Lucent to support AT&T’s Ethernet to the cell (ETTC) deployments in the Midwest United States. Under this contract, Commdex will install and configure new microwave hops at sites across Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. This contract represents new work for Commdex, and expands the company’s growing presence in the carrier market.

“We are very excited to continue building our relationship with Alcatel Lucent and help them serve their customers,” said VP of Sales and Engineering, Chuck Bethea. “We welcome the opportunity to provide our core microwave services for this major, multi-state deployment while advancing our presence in the dynamic carrier space.”

The large-scale migration of wireless backhaul cell sites to Ethernet should continue to be a major factor in the next five years, as carriers complete their 4G LTE deployments. Projects like this help to give Commdex the past performance required to capitalize on this trend and successfully win more business in the carrier market.

The project kicked off in the second half of 2013 and will run through at least 2014, with additional phases forthcoming through the year.

Lindsay Bierfeld
655 Engineering Drive Suite 100
Norcross, Georgia 30092