Saturday, May 30, 2015

Landmark Study Urges Immediate and Universal Affirmation of “The Right to be Creative"

A body of knowledge no one thought or knew existed uncovers the authentic, inherently creative, but universally overlooked human essence – a discovery that will forever change the way humanity perceives itself, organizes society, and conducts affairs.

Blacksburg, Virginia, May 31, 2015 - An astonishing compendium and synthesis of creativity wit and wisdom brings humanity face-to-face with its innermost, but historically overlooked essence. In words that speak to the reader personally, deeply, and directly, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature conclusively demonstrates:

The inherence of creativity in human nature and, therefore, its universal distribution.

The naturalness of creativity: a quality, ability, and “right” that exists by virtue of natural law, and that therefore is both universal and inalienable; a right inherent in the person as “a direct prerogative from the Infinite Will and Consciousness”; a right that is not contingent upon tradition, custom, belief, culture, or government.

The centrality of Creativity in human life, i.e., its primacy among the forces that drive human behavior and shape people’s lives.

Actualization of one’s creative potential as the primary goal of life; “the healthiest and highest expression of human nature”; and “the optimal state of being.”

Widespread blockage of people’s Creativity as the root of the global epidemic of meaninglessness, and the resultant social and psychological problems that are ruining the lives and destinies of countless millions of people around the world, traumatizing families and societies.

Analysis and interpretation of the insights that are brought together in Revealing the Truth about Human Nature resolves three persistent psycho-social, psycho-spiritual issues, with fundamental implications for the way humanity perceives itself, organizes society, and conducts affairs:

* What it really means to be human

* What a one’s life is all about

* What gives it meaning and enduring significance

The crux of Revealing the Truth about Human Nature and reasons for its writing are two and related: The first is to return humanity to the proper understanding of its authentic, quintessentially creative, nature. The second is to free mankind from obsolete self-perceptions that, clearly, are no longer serving it well – self-perceptions that are at the root of most social and psychological problems.

A global treasure, Revealing the Truth about Human Nature signals the beginning of a movement to reclaim humanity’s defining and most important quality – creativity; and necessarily, to formally recognize and protect that quality – The Right to Be Creative – in all existing and future charters of humanity.

The E-Book version of Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature, ISBN 9781622875160, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available online across e-book reading platforms.

The 428-page print version of Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature, ISBN 9781622875153, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers at*&destination=us&currency=USD&binding=*&isbn=9781622875153&keywords=Creativity&minprice=&maxprice=&mode=advanced&st=sr&ac=qr

Visit the book’s related Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Newsletter at:

About the Author
Dr. Efiong Etuk is founding director of the Global Creativity Network, a worldwide community of concerned individuals dedicated to the idea of a world in which everyone can be effective, creative, and successful. Proponent of the “Global Creativity-Consciousness,” “The Right to Be Creative,” “The Age of Creativity,” “Mass Creativity,” and the “Global Creativity ‘Marshall Plan,’” Dr. Etuk speaks and writes extensively on strategies for nurturing and engaging everybody's unique abilities in the Great Work of building a viable and sustainable global civilization that is a befitting tribute to our generation and an enduring legacy to posterity.

For more Information about Revealing the Truth about Human Nature, contact, (540) 953-0685

Efiong Etuk
Global Creativity Network
403-2 Cedar Hill Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia
(540) 953-0685

Insurance King to open Auburn St. and Rockton Ave. Castle

Insurance King on Auburn and Central will be moving into Castle 0001 located 1515 N Rockton Ave. Rockford, IL 61103 on June 1st, 2015.

Rockford, IL, May 30, 2015 - Insurance King on Auburn and Central will be moving into Castle 0001 located 1515 N Rockton Ave. Rockford, IL 61103 on June 1st, 2015.

Insurance King has decided to upgrade their location and get ready for franchising in the near future. Insurance King’s castle 0001 will be a floor model for a satellite office system. The 1515 N Rockton Ave Rockford IL 61103 office will have the same number it has had at the Auburn and central office 815-968-(KING) 5464.

Insurance King has had its main office located in Rockford, IL since 2001 and has grown into the entire states of IL, IN, WI, IA, MO, KS, TN, and OH with more states launching soon. Insurance King focuses on low cost auto, renters, and cycle insurance for the good to high risk driver. Insurance King is inviting current customers and previous customers to see the new location which will have new extended office hours Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm.

Insurance King wanted to extend the office hours to better serve our customers with the new IL verification act to allow people to make payments and prevent lapses.

Dan Block
Insurance King President
127 N. Alpine Rd.
Rockford, IL 61107

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Very Important Relationships, Inc. Announces New CashBack Button Extension feature for its CashBack Shopping Malls

Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), one of the nation’s premier developers of corporately branded Internet CashBack Rewards Shopping Malls today announced the launch of its new CashBack Button browser extension which helps members always get CashBack even when not shopping logged into and shopping from their mall account.

Reno, NV, May 28, 2015 - Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR),, one of the nation’s premier developers of corporately branded Internet CashBack Rewards Shopping Malls today announced the launch of its new CashBack Button browser extension which helps members always get CashBack even when not shopping logged into and shopping from their mall account. VIR’s new CashBack Button is now available on all its newest generation of CashBack Shopping Malls and works on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Firefox. An example of one of VIR’s CashBack shopping malls with its new CashBack Button is

“Our new CashBack Button changes everything as our members can now earn CashBack when visiting any of our 3,000+ merchant’s sites directly without going through the mall first.” says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR. “This means once a member installs their extension; it will always let them know when CashBack is available whenever they do normal web searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing, as well as go to any of our merchant stores directly.”

The extension also lets a member see which stores in the mall are the most visited over the last 24 hours as well as the best Hot Deals sales offered by the mall’s merchants today. It also lets member see their CashBack totals available in their account.

VIR’s core service is its unique CashBack Shopping Mall which feature over 3,000 of the nation’s best know brand store, all offering CashBack on everything purchased. VIR, founded in 2006, is one of the nation’s premier developers of CashBack shopping malls and began its operations when the CashBack small industry was new.

“Today, VIR’s proprietary technology is unmatched in the CashBack Shopping Mall channel, and since its focus is on enhancing the customer experience through high-quality interactions, the end result is a winning combination.” adds Tallal. “VIR has research all of the major CashBack malls and other savings sites in the industry to determine what they are doing that that is working best and they are doing that is not. Previously, no one had figure out the magic combination that consumers want most out of the myriad of single focused savings sites out there. Therefore, VIR’s goal was to evaluate the best of the best of these sites and determine what their most popular elements were, and then combine those together to all inclusive platform.”

VIR’s new third generation malls (v3) are an ultimate shopper’s paradise where retailers from clothing to electronics to jewelry to travel, plus many more products and services, are all available together under one roof for the shopper’s convenience. VIR has relationships with most of the top retailers on he Internet like as Target,, Staples, Best Buy, Travelocity, and over 3,000 others merchants, and brings CashBack shopping, special discounts and significant bargains to its shopping members.

“VIR’s new CashBack Button now allows members to install it once and then never miss another opportunity to earn CashBack.” says Tallal. “It like having a constant monitor set on your computer to visually alert you anytime you are about to make any type of purchase when CashBack is available. For people interested in always getting the highest and best use of their money, it doesn’t get any better than this”

Additionally, clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper is now a thing of the past. VIR’s malls also have their own Coupons section which offers the four largest online coupon sites on the Internet, all together in one place. These sites include, SmartSource, Redplum and CouponNetwork; so all a member needs to do is select the coupons they want, print them out on their printer, and use them at their local grocery or drugstore. The malls even include a direct API feed from Groupon offering its daily Groupon Goods, which are Groupon’s deeply discounted products offering.

“Since VIR is a technology company first, it can integrate any of its discount health and lifestyle benefit programs with the mall so they are presented to the end user as a seamless website.” states Tallal. “We can integrate multiple independent web based services from different sources and produce a seamless end user experience, all on the same URL. Very Important Relationships, Inc. simple has the best platform available for any company wishing to offer a merchant funded loyalty CashBack shopping mall to its customer, members or supporters.”

About Very Important Relationships, Inc.
Very Important Relationships, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier developers of Internet CashBack Rewards shopping programs. VIR operates different CashBack mall business models that serve seven industries, including customer loyalty, employee benefits, nonprofit fundraising, and association benefits. For more information on Very Important Relationship, Inc. and the services they offer, visit or call (972) 726-9595.

Jody Tallal
Very Important Relationships, Inc.
2533 N Carson Street, Suite 1V
Casrson City, NV 89706
(972) 726-9595, Ext 229

Sweet Honey in the Rock Set for US Embassy Tour in Swaziland with Performance at the 9th Annual Bushfire Music Festival May 27-30th

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, the venerable and Grammy-nominated a cappella ensemble who've built a legacy for merging an inimitable and distinct harmonic vocal blend with a veracious commitment to activism.

New York, NY, May 21, 2015 - SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, the venerable and Grammy-nominated a cappella ensemble who've built a legacy for merging an inimitable and distinct harmonic vocal blend with a veracious commitment to activism, social justice, equality and freedom has been invited by the United States Embassy in Swaziland and the Arts Envoy Program to perform at the internationally acclaimed 9th Annual MTN Bushfire Music Festival (May 30th) and to contribute to several cultural and community outreach programs and high school workshops sponsored by Embassy. The Sweet Honey tour dates and activities are scheduled May 27- 30, 2015.

The Swaziland tour marks the ensemble's fourth international US Embassy tour this year. They were invited in by the US Embassies in Ethiopia, Peru and Jamaica in February to help them honor and celebrate Black History Month. They performed several major concerts and contributed to community programs sponsored by the Embassy in each respective country.

One of the major highlights of their visit to Swaziland will be their debut performance at the MTN Bushfire Festival (May 29-31) which will feature a special collaboration on two songs (one by each artist) with noted songwriter/singer Floewe (real name Fikile Dhladhla) a native of Swaziland.. CNN recently noted the Festival is one of the top seven "must attend music festivals" in Africa. Each year the Festival attracts a diversified mix of globally renowned artists and performersthat "Bring Their Fire" for a multi-cultural and international audience that reaches 20,000 people strong.

"We're truly honored and excited to be invited to visit Swaziland by the US Embassy" says Carol Maillard, one of Sweet Honey's founding members. "We've enjoyed serving as cultural ambassadors and artists for all the Embassies and countries we've visited.We're deeply grateful to be given another opportunity to share our music and messages with the people in Swaziland," she added.

In addition to their headlining performance at Bushfire, Sweet Honey will also host a workshop and deliver an abbreviated performance for the Bushfire School Festival, which facilitates workshops for over 750 students from 40 schools and youth groups, led by over 60 teachers throughout the music festival.

Sweet Honey will host a workshop and performfor 500 high school students (15-18) from all over Swaziland. The School Festival is designed to motivate and foster social behavioral change, especially related to HIV. They will host a workshop and perform for 350 students at Elangeni High School during their visit as well.

Sweet Honey will also serve as guest performers at a special welcoming reception by Makila James, the US Ambassador to Swaziland at her private residence. The reception will be attended by local VIP's, dignitaries, artists, musicians and poets who will be performing at the Bushfire Music Festival.

Last year, Sweet Honey made their premiere US Embassy tour (August 27- 31) as part of the longstanding Arts Envoy program to Belize. The Arts Envoy Program is a longstanding outreach program and initiative by the US State Department.

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, which celebrated their 40th Anniversary last year is comprised of vocalists Louise Robinson, Carol Maillard, Nitanju Bolade Casel, Aisha Kahlil, Shirley Childress (American Sign Language Interpreter) and special guest acoustic upright/electric bass player Romeir Mendez.

For further information about SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK go to:

Chip Schutzman
Miles High Productions
P.O. Box 93157
Hollywood, CA 90093

Monday, May 25, 2015

SAMANA Moves to Le Souk San Francisco Located at 1465 Custer Avenue in San Francisco

A 'souk' is a North African word for a marketplace (usually open-air), equivalent to a Persian bazaar, flea market or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities.

San Francisco, CA, May 25, 2015 -- A 'souk' is a North African word for a marketplace (usually open-air), equivalent to a Persian bazaar, flea market or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities. Le Souk SF is filled with antiquities, folk art, ethnic and graphic arts, along with furniture, home decorative items, mostly, but not exclusively, from Asia and other ports of call. This, coupled with an extraordinary exotic outdoor garden resplendent with vertical gardens, trees, plants , outdoor sculptures and unusual planting vessels, creates a magical environment rarely found.

All located under one roof are several businesses including: Gil's Upholstery; Khatriya Armstrong Collection; La Follia; Living Green Planscape; Richard Gervais Collection, and the latest addition SAMANA.

SAMANA’s now sole owner Sandy Martinez reminds her customers of her relocation to a wonderful warehouse named Le Souk SF in what is now BECOMING known as the new Garden District in the Bay Area: located at 1465 Custer Street, SF. Her store features unconventional furnishings, decorative accessories, lighting, garden ITEMS, and gifts brought in from around the world. She features exclusively enhanced designed objects created by SAMANA artists.

SAMANA caters to the eclectic, the bohemian; and has an unconventional approach to interior design. It's about what's personal, what's meaningful, what”s fun, and what's provocative. It's about what feels good, looks great and, simply is "you and no one else."

What’s behind the name? SAMANA comes from Sanskrit , India’s mother language. The word has several meanings - one being that of Hindu wandering monks who emphasize and individualize “ unconventional” ways on their path to enlightenment.

Under this inspiration, we at SAMANA try to bring untraditional inspirations that may brighten up your home, office and favorite spaces.

About the owner of SAMANA - Sandy Martinez:
Sandy was born in Argentina, the end of the world in her opinion. She grew up with the travel bug and it was only a matter of time before she started exploring the rest of Latin America. With a knack to adapt easily to other cultures, she expanded her horizons pursuing adventures in other parts of the world. Purchasing beautiful things and “buying without guilt” as she puts it, came as a natural consequence….. SAMANA was born and ironically the chosen name for her store mirrors her “unconventional” life. Phone: 866-901-1871, 415-642-1056

Richard Gervais Collection
Richard Gervais began traveling and shopping in Southeast Asia in 1968 while vacation traveling there with a college friend from the Philippines. Intrigued and enamored by the interesting never-before-seen folk art, handicrafts and ethnic items abounding there, they decided to open an export/import business together. They immediately began shopping and exporting from the Philippines, and shortly after added Bali, Java, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Tibet, Nepal, and eventually India, Sri Lanka and Brazil as ports of call.

The first location was a boutique shop opened on the cable car line on California Street. Since then, locations have enlarged and changed to the current location in 'Le Souk San Francisco' on Custer Avenue. New shipments continue to arrive and the collection still comprises and interesting and unique array of new, vintage, antique, and even ancient art and artifacts that attract Richard's eye and aesthetic sensibilities. Phone: 415-642-1056 email:

Living Green Design:
Davis Dalbok, founder, runs a multi-faceted business. Under his guidance, his company has been creating notable gardens throughout the Bay Area and beyond for more than 30 years. Living Green represents some of the industries' finest lines, including Luciano Antiques, Wijaya Classics Lighting, Gladding McBean Ceramics, and Nature's Treasures — Minerals and Fossils. At his new location at Le Souk SF, Davis has transformed a former functional storage yard into a thriving exterior landscape nursery and sculpture garden. Living Green now displays garden-oriented water features, garden amenities, and cutting-edge vertical living walls. Within weeks of inhabiting the new space, birds and dragonflies have found a new home in this lively oasis. This new venue captures the spirit of what Living Green has always been about: using beautiful plants and soulful objects to create outdoor living environments that are both well-appointed and spiritually grounding. Phone: 415-864-2251 email:

Gil's Upholstery Inc
Established in 1985, Gil's is family owned and operated and has provided the very best in upholstery services for private residences and the top interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gil’s Upholstery specializes in Re-Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Custom-Made Furniture, Outdoor, Residential and Commercial Upholstery. The owner, Gilbert Herrera, takes pride in creating and sustaining authentic relationships with his clients, a key component to Gil’s Upholstery success. With his two sons, Anthony and Marcus, working by his side, along with a team of expert upholsterers, Gil’s Upholstery continues to execute one-of-a-kind work for clients. Gil’s work has been featured in Elle Decor several times and can be seen at some of San Francisco’s most prestige homes and establishments. Look for Gil’s Upholstery Inc. on various social media outlets. Phone: Call Anthony 415-290-9320/ 650-291-5473 email:
FB: Instagram: Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM Saturday 10AM - 3pm

La Follia Floral Design Landscape
La Follia event and floral designer, Thierry Chantrel, received his degree from Ecole Speciale d’Architecture des Jardins in Paris. He began his career working with "Decoration Florale, " one of the top Parisian decoration firms. While with them he had the opportunity to work for an exclusive list of clients and their discriminating friends, as well as the major companies in the fashion industry, such as Givenchy, Valentino, Ricci, Hermes, and many others. Thierry Chantrel now has his Atelier in San Francisco. His clientele reads like a who's who of Bay Area society and his flowers have graced venues and homes throughout the city, the wine country and the Peninsula. He was honored with "Best of Show" for the San Francisco Landscape and Garden Show and he is regularly featured in Bouquets to Art. He is a familiar face on the lecture circuit and is a favorite of Bay Area garden clubs. His decorative furniture has been featured in Architectural Digest and in the book L.A. LOFTS by Barbara Thornburg. Thierry designs beautiful arrangements for weddings, events, or parties based on your specific needs and desires, and at the same time imbues your floral decoration with the style and classical tradition that has earned him recognition as one of America's Top Florists (Elle Décor). His work can be seen in Vera Wang’s Vera Wang On Weddings and in Mallory Samson’s Outdoor Weddings: Unforgettable Celebrations in Storybook Settings. By appointment only. Phone: 415-551-2310 email:

Le Souk SF, 1465 Custer Ave, San Francisco 94124, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am- 4pm. SAMANA located at LE SOUKSF 1465 Custer Ave | San Francisco | 94124

Marci Bracco
Carmel, CA 93923

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites partner with Monterey County wineries to offer unique wine-themed experience in the heart of Carmel

Hotel Announces New Package The Charms and Delights of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Carmel, CA, May 21, 2015 - Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites announced its new Charms and Delights of Carmel-by-the-Sea package. The charms and delights of Camel are not easily experienced in a single day. So why not take advantage of a special offer of two nights in the luxurious surroundings of Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites, Carmel’s only wine-themed hotel. Book two nights, Monday through Thursday, for only $20 more, and get a $50 gift certificate to Carmel’s popular seafood restaurant Flaherty's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar or Andre's Bouchee, the chic French bistro with a California coastal flair. But take advantage of this special offer soon, it's only valid through June 15th, online only at

(This offer is only valid when booking through our website and while supplies last.)

Background on Vendange Carmel:
When Brian and Jonathan Lee sought inspiration around the transformation of their family’s Carmel inn a few years ago, they looked no further than Monterey County’s Wine Region.

In 2013 Wine Enthusiast magazine bestowed the county as the top wine destination in the world. In the article, writer Steve Heimoff hailed the region’s “beautiful scenery, upscale galleries, glamorous resorts and stellar local wines.”

Faced with a major renovation and re-imagination of the property the Lees once owned but sold seven years ago, the answer became obvious: Name the inn Vendange (French for “vintage”), capitalize on its supreme location, design everything around a wine theme and create two stunning, fully equipped barrel rooms” for traveling families or couples.

“After we sold the property it really declined, and passing by it was difficult for our family,” said Jonathan Lee. “We wanted to modernize it and make it beautiful again, but also we knew we wanted to make each suite on our property a reflection of Monterey County’s flourishing wine industry.”

The Lees had the idea to partner with local wineries, especially those with tasting rooms in Carmel (currently there are more than two dozen tasting rooms, wine bars and bottle shops in the village, and the Carmel Wine Walk is thriving).

The wine-centric idea was to have wineries “adopt” a room at Vendange, putting their personal stamp on the furniture and décor. Each suite now provides a romantic ambiance of luxuriousness and charm.

“It took some time to get our ideas across to local wineries (Twisted Roots came on board first), but once they completed their suite, and the wineries could visually see the ideas we were striving for, the rest took off from there.”
Following the lead of Twisted Roots were: Galante, J. Lohr, McIntyre, Dawn’s Dream, Joullian, Ventana, Manzoni, Tudor, Cima Collina, Holman Ranch and Blair.

The novel idea allows the wineries to reflect their own style and statement through the rooms, while Vendange allows the wineries to use the rooms for clients or wine club members to create valuable cross-promotion.

“For us it creates a cachet and makes it a unique experience,” Lee said.

The family also created the two adjoining “barrel rooms,” designed ideally for couples rooms to create a relaxed “hang-out” experience. Each room is more than 900 square feet, with separate bedrooms, radiant floor heating, private patios, personal entrances and parking spaces. One room comes equipped with a high-end kitchen, complete with granite countertops, Viking appliances and all the comforts of home.

Whether it’s a walk around the manicured gardens, or quiet conversation and complimentary wine and cheese tasting around the fire pit under a lighted pergola, guests at Vendange find themselves pampered in an intimate environment with expert, attentive service.

Nestled beneath the pine trees in a tranquil neighborhood, Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites is one of the few inns in Carmel to provide parking. Located just a short walk from Carmel’s legendary downtown, visitors can absorb a complete wine experience in and out of their suites.

Lee points out that “vendange tardive” means "late harvest" in French. The phrase refers to a style of dessert wine where the grapes are allowed to hang on the vine until they start to dehydrate, concentrating the sugars.

“It fits because we want guests to come here, rest and get sweeter for the next day,” he said.

Marci Bracco
Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites
24815 Carpenter St.
Carmel, CA 93923

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Tasting Room and Wine Brand Launch in Carmel Valley!

Jarman Tasting Room Opens June 2015

Carmel Valley, CA, May 20, 2015 — Terroir is the most important force in creating distinct wines. The French word speaks to a wine’s place of origin, its subtle nuances of traceable character, flavor, lineage and integrity.

An estate wine from Carmel Valley, Jarman’s terroir refers to a special place — and also to a special woman who inspired a family to bottle the essence of a mother’s spirit.

Jarman Fearing Lowder grew up in Chattanooga, Tenn., and lived up to being voted “best all around” in high school. She earned a nursing degree, worked as an R.N. and raised three daughters with her husband Thomas. An active volunteer, animal lover, athlete and enthusiastic traveler, Jarman wanted to spend her golden years making wine with her husband at Holman Ranch, an idyllic piece of property in Carmel Valley they purchased to realize that dream.

Tragically, Jarman died in March of 2011 at age 60 following a long battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease.

To honor her mother’s memory, Holman Ranch manager and eldest daughter Hunter Lowder has vowed to take the best hand-selected estate grapes and create two premium varietals — Jarman Chardonnay and Jarman Pinot Noir ($1 from each bottle sold will go to Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation). Founded in 1998 by Leonard A. and Ronald S. Lauder, the ADDF provides critical seed funding to leading scientists conducting breakthrough drug discovery and clinical research. By accelerating promising drug candidates through the drug discovery and development pipeline and spearheading innovative public-private partnerships, we increase the chance of finding an effective treatment, and a cure, for Alzheimer’s disease.

Through the tremendous support of our donors, the ADDF has invested more than $70 million to over 450 Alzheimer’s drug discovery programs and clinical trials in academic centers and biotechnology companies in 18 countries.

“We wanted to honor her, give back and increase awareness,” Hunter said.

“Everything we do here and the reason all this exists is because of her.”

The Jarman label will reflect quality, with only the best local grapes used during a artisanal, small-batch winemaking process. Jarman wine uses only 100 percent estate-grown, organic and certified-sustainable grapes. Aged in French oak barrels, Jarman’s vintages are held in limited supply, and not available anywhere outside the tasting room. The two varietals include:

• The 2013 Jarman Pinot Noir takes on nuances of warm blueberry pie, cloves and cinnamon that mingle in the nose with oak notes from 10 months in the barrel. The mouth-feel is plump and juicy with overtones of cassis and blackberries.

• The 2014 Jarman Chardonnay features floral notes reminiscent of walking by a parfumerie in France — subtle and pleasant with a hint of earthiness. When serving this wine lightly chilled, rich notes of under-ripe berries and raw honey will waltz across your palate.

To further honor their mother’s memory, the family will open a special tasting room in June in Carmel Valley Village(open noon to 5 p.m., Thurs.-Sun.; or by appointment) next to Will’s Fargo, the restaurant they purchased in 2014 . The tastings will feature full-fledged experiences, including tours and wine education, and each will include a food element that complements the wine.

The new Jarman tasting room will provide visitors with three unique experiences : Cru Tasting, Premier Cru Experience and the Grand Cru Experience.

To celebrate, Jarman will hold a public grand opening with Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce; Carmel Chamber of Commerce and Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, June 23, 5–7 p.m.

• Address: 16 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA
• Website:
• Phone: 831-298-7300
• E-mail:

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pixel Planets is now available on the App Store

GameDigits, the makers of chart-topping, mobile game Auction Wars: Storage King have released a retro-style multiplayer, world-builder game to push boundaries and rival such titles as Clash of Clans, Game of War and Boom Beach.

West Yorkshire, England, May 19, 2015 - Following the success of their chart-topping, mobile game Auction Wars: Storage King, GameDigits Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Pixel Planets for iOS, a retro-style multiplayer, world-builder game.

Follow two intrepid explorers as they colonise planets, construct their defenses and build alien armies to attack other worlds. Discover alien relics, solve the puzzles within and unlock their powers.

View a trailer video here:

Pixel Planets is FREE on the App Store:

Pixel Planets pushes the boundaries of the world-builder genre and introduces a number of unique features. GameDigits Ltd. have certainly done their homework, creating one of the most playable world-builders on mobile to date.

- Progress through many different planets.
- Solve puzzles to unlock further building and technology advancements using alien relics.
- Build powerful diverse alien armies to attack other planets.
- Players can choose which friends to attack.
- Players control their army during attacks and use this to their advantage.

Ian Lindsey, Managing Director of GameDigits Ltd. commented “I’m a big fan of world-builder games on mobile and after the success of Auction Wars : Storage King, we had the resources to push this genre further. Using retro-pixelated theming, we were able to create a fun and characterful look for the game, introducing some new, cool and interesting ideas into the mix.”

Meet Bill and Bob, Pixel Planet's comical space explorers, who've been travelling through space for what seems like an eternity and more than a little tired of each other's company. To make matters worse, Bill is unfortunately starting to lose his mind. Journey with them to see how their story unfolds, realising just how much their friendship matters when they’re stranded in space.

Pixel Planets is available for free on the App Store.

If players download and play Pixel Planets now, they will receive a cash bonus of $10,000 for Auction Wars: Storage King.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 41 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Pixel Planets is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. If you're interested in learning more about Pixel Planets, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Ian Lindsey
GameDigits Ltd.
2 Churchfield Terrace
West Yorkshire, England

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa Celebrates Dad, Youth Sports and all that Summer has to Offer Sweepstakes

The Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa, Knuckles Sports Bar and the Fireplace Lounge, celebrate with Father’s Day, Monterey County Youth Sports and the “Best of Summer” Sweepstakes.

Monterey, CA, May 19, 2015 - The Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa, Knuckles Sports Bar and the Fireplace Lounge, celebrate with Father’s Day, Monterey County Youth Sports and the “Best of Summer” Sweepstakes.

Save the date for:
• Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st. Bring dad to Knuckles Sports Bar for our Burger and Beer special

o Enter to win. Ode to Dad! Tell us why your dad deserves to win a $50 gift certificate to Knuckles Sports Bar in honor of Father’s Day. Post a picture and a little story about your dad on our Facebook page. Winner will be selected at random on June 15th.

• Summer sports! During summer any child under 12 that comes to Knuckles with their parents wearing a team jersey or uniform receives a free children’s scoop of ice cream. (with purchase of an entrée)

• All Summer Long $4.00 Happy Hour Drink Specials on the patio!

• Win a Two-Night Stay with “Best of Summer” Sweepstakes! Enter Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa “Summer at Its Best” sweepstakes, for a chance to win a vacation for four to the Hyatt Regency Monterey and Spa for 2 nights and other prizes. Guests can enter by scanning the QR code found here or by texting WIN to 831-667-5040. Blackout dates are June 13-22, July 12 -20, July 24 & 25, August 13-17 and September 18-21. Subject to availability.

• To enter, Text WIN to 831-667-5040 or Scan our QR code

• Enter between May 25th and June 5th. One lucky entrant will be randomly selected to win the “Summer at Its Best” vacation for four. Two other entries will be randomly selected for additional prizes.

About Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel& Spa on Del Monte Golf Course:
Nestled in 22 acres of soaring Monterey Pines, the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course is a destination resort providing the discerning traveler the quintessential Monterey experience. Its location offers guests close proximity to downtown Monterey and Monterey Airport and easy access to some of the Peninsula’s most well-known attractions. With its warm, contemporary ambiance, elegant furnishings and convenient amenities, the hotel offers both leisure and business travelers a Northern California respite of unmatched serenity and comfort. Features include 550 guestrooms with 27 suites, and the President’s House, TusCA Ristorante, Knuckles Sports Bar, Fireplace Lounge, a 2,000 square foot fitness facility, tennis courts, pools and whirlpools, and 12,000 square foot full service luxury spa. The hotel is located at 1 Old Golf Course Road in Monterey, California. For information call (831) 372-1234 or visit

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923

Monday, May 18, 2015

Playing in the dirt isn’t just for kids: Seniors reap the health benefits of gardening

Holiday Retirement residents across the country use their green thumbs to stay healthy

Lake Oswego, OR, May 17, 2015 – Seniors around the country are adding gardening to their list of daily activities thanks to the stress relief and health benefits it provides. And for Holiday Retirement residents, reaping the rewards of gardening is that much easier thanks to the leading senior living provider’s efforts to offer gardening opportunities at its communities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seniors who participate in 2.5 hours a week of moderate-intensity activities such as gardening can reduce their risk for a number of health issues, including obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Gardening can also help with stress relief, improve depression symptoms, and reduce social isolation.

“Our residents’ health is of utmost importance, which is why we are dedicated to helping seniors get moving,” said Jamison Gosselin, vice president of marketing, communications, and resident enrichment at Holiday Retirement. “As the weather turns warmer, gardening provides an easy, accessible way for seniors of all skill levels to enjoy a rewarding, relaxing physical activity.”

As seniors increasingly downsize and move to senior living communities, they can adjust their gardening styles to reap the benefits in a smaller environment. Holiday Retirement has launched a series of resources focused on helping seniors enjoy the rewards – both mental and physical – that gardening has to offer:

* An infographic that offers suggestions to help seniors garden in comfort

* A checklist that provides everything seniors need to know about starting a container garden

From roses to vegetables to herbs, here are five examples of blossoming gardens at Holiday Retirement communities across the country:

1. South Wind Heights residents in Jonesboro, Arkansas, all enjoy chipping in to maintain the senior living community’s curb appeal. Residents take time to plant, water, and weed flowerpots and flowerbeds on a regular basis, with one 97-year-old resident dedicating much of her time each day to gardening.

2. Residents at Mistywood in Roseville, California, are living up to the city’s name. A memorial rose garden was built eight years ago for residents to honor loved ones who have passed away. The community grows myriad roses, as well as perennials, annuals, and even herbs and vegetables in a raised flowerbed built by a local Boy Scout troop. Herbs and vegetables are used in the kitchen while roses are used in floral arrangements around the senior living community.

3. Residents at Ashley Park in Charleston, South Carolina, have embraced container gardening and now anxiously await tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, squash, onions, and various herbs. Residents use the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor during the Adventure Travel Program, where the senior living community makes tasty meals from different regions around the world.

4. At Whispering Oaks in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, residents discovered a newfound hobby when one Boy Scout troop built raised gardening beds for the senior living community to earn his Eagle Scout ranking. Thanks to his act of kindness, tomatoes, radishes, onions, peppers, and flowers grow regularly and are shared throughout Whispering Oaks.

5. University Pines, an independent senior living community in Pensacola, Florida, welcomed spring with the planting of numerous flowering plants, ferns, and cascading greenery. The backyard of the senior living community has blossomed this year thanks to resident green thumbs, not to mention the flowerpots on the front patio getting a face-lift for summer with new flowers. The community also celebrated Earth Day in April by planting seedlings, baby tree cuttings, and other green plants to bring an earthy feel to the community and to residents.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about gardening and seniors, visit

Media Contact:
Brian K. Fawkes
Holiday Retirement
(971) 245-8837

About Holiday Retirement
Since 1971, Holiday Retirement has endeavored to provide its signature “Holiday Touch” to residents and their families. Today, Holiday is a trusted name in senior living and provides security, comfort, and value to independent seniors seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. Holiday operates more than 300 retirement communities, making it the second largest senior housing operator in the United States. For more information about Holiday Retirement, please call 800-322-0999 or visit

Molly Koch
Communications Strategy Group
3225 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colo., 80206

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

“North Fremont Business District of Monterey Networking Mixer” at Monterey Lanes

Save the date! Come mix and mingle with the community and enjoy complimentary appetizers, a complimentary drink ticket, bowling and a no host bar at the upcoming “North Fremont Business District of Monterey Networking Mixer”.

Monterey, CA, May 12, 2015 - Save the date! Come mix and mingle with the community and enjoy complimentary appetizers, a complimentary drink ticket, bowling and a no host bar at the upcoming “North Fremont Business District of Monterey Networking Mixer”. This special free event will be held at the recently remodeled Monterey Lanes, located at 2161 North Fremont in Monterey, on Wednesday, May 20th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Enter to win great door prizes from North Fremont merchants, enjoy a free BES X bowling experience (an exciting new fun way to bowl), receive a voucher for future bowling at Monterey Lanes, and much, much more. RSVP’s are appreciated by calling Wendy Brickman at (831) 633-4444 or emailing for this free event.

About the North Fremont Business District of Monterey
The North Fremont Business District of Monterey is conveniently located along North Fremont Street in the “sun belt” area of the City of Monterey. The district is a mile-long corridor just off Highway 1 along Fremont Street to Canyon Del Rey, close to the Monterey Regional Airport and Highway 68. With over 85 great shops, restaurants, hotels/motels, businesses and ample parking, North Fremont has long been a popular place to “Dine, Shop, Play, Stay and Take Care of Business”, located just a block from the world renowned Monterey County Fair & Event Center. It is surrounded by several residential areas including the Casanova/Oak Knoll Neighborhood and Del Monte Grove/Laguna Grande Neighborhood.

The District’s "Backstage Pass" program features many special offers from merchants along and near North Fremont in Monterey. The "Backstage Pass" is downloadable from the recently updated website,, as well as four pages of printable coupons that encompass 28 special offers from many of the area's hotels, restaurants, retail stores and business services. The coupons and "Backstage Pass" card can be printed out or shown on a mobile device to the staff at the participating North Fremont Business District locations. The name, "Backstage Pass", pays homage to the coveted "back stage" experiences enjoyed at concerts at the nearby Monterey Fair & Event Center and other venues. Sign up on the website at

About Monterey Lanes:
Monterey Lanes ( has recently completed a major remodel with beautiful new leather benches and new tables and counters in the bower’s settee area, with state of the art touchscreen scoring that you can connect to Facebook and put your own pictures in the graphics. They are Monterey’s only full service family entertainment center. Redefining the bowling experience, Monterey Lanes now features BES X (Bowling Entertainment System -, the exciting and innovative new way to bowl that enables bowlers to compete, socialize electronically, relax and have fun. BES X offers four exclusive interactive Mad Games allowing customers to bowl in a way that is easier to understand, faster to finish and aligned to their individual taste. Bowlers take their pictures on the SuperTouch LCD High Definition bowler console and YouToons merges those images into the scoring animations, turning customers into hilarious characters on the screen as they bowl plus many more unique features! For unique birthday celebrations, bowlers are able to choose from one of three themed birthday parties, all featuring dedicated graphical environments and games.

Featuring 24 bowling lanes and ample parking Monterey Lanes offers open bowling, league bowling, youth bowling programs, corporate or private bowling parties, and the ever popular Rock-N-Bowl! Anniversaries, birthday parties, and corporate events provide great entertainment and team-building at Monterey Lanes which also offers complete catered packages. Monterey Lanes features a pro shop, snack bar, arcade and cocktail lounge and has everything needed for both the casual and serious bowler, with a friendly, helpful staff. Bowling has so much to offer the entire family. It’s a sport anyone can participate in, competition in a non-contact sport, a great social outlet, opportunities for prizes and awards, and a safe, supervised environment. Kids love it, too! No wonder bowling has become America’s fastest-growing high school varsity sport! To learn more about bowling, visit

Wendy Brickman
Brickman Marketing
395 Del Monte Center #250
Monterey, CA 93940

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Holman Ranch Releases Tasting Notes on Its New Wine Releases

The estate wines of Holman Ranch include: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Carmel Valley, CA, May 10, 2015 - The estate wines of Holman Ranch include: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé of Pinot Noir. Holman Ranch’s 21 acres of vineyards lie between 950 and 1150 feet in elevation. The root stocks and soils are most important in producing excellent fruit from the vineyards.

The surrounding Santa Lucia Mountains are very important to Carmel Valley viticulture. The local hills hold back the marine layer and broad breezes, which is beneficial to producing consistently good fruit. Sedimentary soils, such as, chock rock and Carmel stone also play a major role in wine producing methods by providing good soil drainage. Holman Ranch “stresses the vines” of the fruit with emphasis on reproduction, which in turn, stops growth and ripens fruit. The valley configuration allows for fog in the morning but with it rapidly moving out as the air warms which is great for Pinot Noir grapes. The proximity to the ocean and the elevation are positive characteristics for the vines.

Holman Ranch’s vines are planted 15 degrees off due north which allows for all day sunlight on fruit zone and good protection from breeze. No chemical herbicides or pesticides are used on our fruit and we have received our sustainable and organic certification. Holman Ranch is also 100% estate vineyards and winery.

Holman Ranch’s wines are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to table. Purity and passion are key ingredients in the wine-making process, and this is where Holman Ranch truly stands out.

Holman Ranch New Wine Releases Tasting Notes:

'13 - Big Daddy - Late Harvest Pinot Noir
• Our first ever Late Harvest Pinot Noir has been a long time in the making. 18 months in neutral French Oak and fortified with high proof brandy, this Big Daddy is warm and robust. Dark Chocolate notes are prominent, but the toast, raspberry jam and coffee notes almost make you want to have it for breakfast.....Hmmmm........
'13 - .5 Degrees Brix
• True to the original and no less awesome. Our slightly sweet Pinot Gris blend has lots of tropical fruit intensity and a beautifully pleasant citrus nose. The mouth feel on this year's vintage is slighlty softer than the first, but the finish is rounded out with brilliant acidity.
'11 - Holman Ranch Pinot Noir
• Dried Cherries and light oak waft from the glass on this traditional Old World Pinot Noir. There is a bright acid up front, followed by a round and creamy middle. The dry, yet soft finish on this wine leaves your mouth watering and you, wanting another glass.
'11 - Hunter's Cuvee Pinot Noir
• A soft and creamy nose with hints of cherry licorice and eucalyptus begin the experience. Followed by a velvety texture and a warm spiced finish. As bold and complex as it's namesake.
'13 - Pinot Gris
• As it dances on your palate, this smooth, yet crisp Pinot Gris will inspire your taste buds. While lovely aromas of ginger and honey fill the air when you swirl your glass. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment.
'12 - Chardonnay
• It's nice to know that some things never change and our 2012 Chardonnay is classic Holman Ranch. The oak is prominent on the nose, but mingled with fresh aromas of orchard fruit, like apples and pears. As always, the finish is crisp and light, the calling card of our house Chardonnay.
Two new wines have been created specifically for Holman Ranch’s restaurant Will’s Fargo Steakhouse + Bar:
'13 Will's Pinot Noir
• Our Rustler’s Rouge was crafted with the Will's Fargo menu in mind. Whether Steak, Chicken, Salmon or Quail are on your wishlist, this Pinot is Perfect! This soft, medium bodied wine is full of fresh berries & cream, with a whisper of spice. 100% Carmel Valley Pinot Noir.
'12 - Will's Pinot Gris
• Our Wrangler's White, is 100% Pinot Gris and 100% Carmel Valley. Our coastal climate with warm sunny days and cool nights is world renowned for light and dry white wines. Like Carmel Valley itself, our House White is a little rugged and wild, but mostly refreshing and absolutely gorgeous.

Wine Caves:
The winery at Holman Ranch, located in The Caves, is completely underground in order to take advantage of the natural cooling and humidity held below. The 3000 square foot area maintains a constant temperature of 58°F-60 °F and contains four 750 gallon tanks, four 1200 gallon tanks, and four open top tanks that can hold two tons each. One hundred (100) French oak barrels are maintained year round. Winery operations such as destemming, pressing, fermenting and aging take place within the cool environment of The Caves, while bottling is done directly outside using a mobile bottling line. During harvest, 6 to 8 tons of grapes a day are processed. This may seem low but it is due to the fact that harvesting hours are between 7am to noon on any given day. Grapes are hand picked and loaded into half ton bins, transferred to the winery by tractor and then moved by forklift to the destemmer.

White wines take around three weeks to ferment at 50°F and are bottled in February, while red varietals ferment for two weeks and are bottled in early June. All skins, seeds and stems are composted and returned to the fields. Slow months for our winery are June, July and August with the busiest time being September. The winery will produce 3000-5000 cases annually.

Vineyard & Winery Background:
Located at the north eastern tip of the Carmel Valley Appellation, the family-owned Holman Ranch resides approximately 12 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Immersed in history and romance, the ranch has not only proven to be an excellent growing location for our vineyards but also for the Tuscan varietal olive trees which have flourished under the temperate climate.

• Our estate-grown wine varietals are planted on approximately 21 acres of undulating terrain.

• The wines produced are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to bottle.

• The climate and terroir of the appellation has played a critical part in the success of our wines. The warmth of our inland valley coupled with the cooling marine layer has established itself as an ideal microclimate for the production of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Our Burgundy Clones have thrived from the perfect blend of ideal climate, southern exposure and thin rocky soils.

Holman Ranch Tasting Room:
Holman Ranch’s Carmel Valley tasting room offers the perfect backdrop to swirl, sip and savor the different complexities of Holman Ranch Vineyard and Winery wines. There is something for everyone (4 varietals in fact), from the full-bodied Pinot Noirs to the light, fruity flavors of our Pinot Gris and lightly oaked Chardonnay. Holman Ranch also offers estate grown and bottled Olive Oil available for tasting and purchase at the Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room showcases the estate wines of Holman Ranch which includes our Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé of Pinot Noir. Carefully hand-harvested, cold pressed and bottled, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the fruits of our Tuscan trees has a delightful spice followed by a buttery finish.

Three tasting flights of three wines each (White, Mountain and Pinot Noir) are available 7 days a week. The Tasting Room also holds a series of cooking demos called In Your Backyard. For more information, call (831) 659-2640.

Olive Grove:
Holman Ranch has its own distinctive olive grove located on a south facing hill of our vineyard. The grove is comprised of 100 trees with multiple cultivars planted. These cultivars consist of 25 Frantoio, 25 Leccino, 10 Mission, 25 Coratina, 5 Pendolino, and 10 Picholine, all of which were originally planted in 2194 in a Carmel Valley orchard then replanted at Holman Ranch in 2007. These mature olive trees allowed us to produce olive oil right away. They are planted in shale for the best production and harvesting results possible. We harvest our fruit by hand in December, which is then milled, producing a superb, high quality product. Although the Olive Grove is not certified organic, we do employ organic practices when farming our trees. Our mill, however, is certified organic. An interesting fact is that olive trees are alternate bearing, which means that one year they may produce 650, 375ml bottles worth of oil, while next year they may produce only 50, 375ml bottles.

Holman Ranch Background:
Holman Ranch: Where the Past is Always Present. Tucked away in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, Californian historic Holman Ranch provides a unique and memorable setting for weddings, special events, family gatherings, corporate retreats, and team-building events. With its charming gardens, stunning mountain views and serenity, this private estate affords old-world charm while providing modern day conveniences. This stunning Property includes a fully restored stone hacienda, overnight guest rooms, vineyards, olive grove, horse stables and more.

Marci Bracco Cain
Carmel, CA 93923

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea Announces New Facebook Contest “Let’s Give them Something to Bark about” in Honor of National Dog Month this May

Hotel Also Receive Fido's Favorite Award from

Carmel-by-the-Sea, May 03, 2015 — Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea announces its new Facebook contest in honor of National Dog Month this May -- Let's give them something to bark about! Post your adorable or funny pup pics on the hotels Facebook page and the hotel’s favorite post will receive a two-night stay at our family run hotel...four-legged friends welcome too! Use the hashtag #SomethingToBarkAbout and be entered to win!! Winner announced May 31st! (Airfare is not included)

In addition, the hotel recently received the "Fido's Favorite" award from! This award is given for achieving an excellent rating of 4 out of 5 "bones" from customers in the last 12 months. is the #1 pet travel site on the Internet helping pet lovers find travel arrangements for humans and their four-legged friends. As animal lovers ourselves, we’re delighted that such a place exists!

About is a dog travel directory that provides unbiased reviews, detailed pet policy information, and online reservations at more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels through a partnership with Travelocity. Information is also available on thousands of bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and campgrounds that welcome pets in 150 countries worldwide.

About Hofsas House:
Owned and operated by the Theis Family, Hofsas House Hotel is within walking distance of everything Carmel has to offer, including a stunning beach, fine restaurants and shops and wine tasting. It provides peaceful respite and European charm just minutes from Monterey, Pebble Beach, Big Sur and Pacific Grove. The Hofsas House’s 38 spacious, one-of-a-kind rooms boast European comfort and lovely views and amenities such as fireplaces, private balconies, wet bars, kitchens and patios. Large suites provide the perfect stay for newlyweds and anyone else seeking an extra special getaway. Dutch doors in every room allow guests to welcome in the ocean air, and free WiFi enables them to stay connected — if they want to.

The Hofsas House Hotel family works to ensure every visitor's experience is special, striving to offer the highest quality personal services. Consider the continental breakfast, abundant with fresh French Roast coffee, tea, juice, fruit and pastries from a neighborhood bakery, or the personalized concierge services for guests and their families, including their four-legged family members, who are welcome as well.

For large groups — wedding parties, company meetings, family reunions and others — Hofsas House Hotel offers a spacious room equipped with a fireplace and full kitchen that can comfortably accommodate 40 people. A heated pool, dry saunas, decks with views and off-street parking are on-site as well.
Hofsas House Hotel is located on San Carlos Street, north of Fourth Avenue in Carmel-by-the-Sea. For more information, call (831) 624-2745 or visit

Marci Bracco Cain
Hofsas House Hotel
P.O. Box 1195
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921

Get Free Blu-ray Disc at Macgo Spring Promotion 2015

Macgo is delivering Free Blu-ray Disc as Spring Gift to people who are into Blu-ray. Also there's a up to 54% off special discount this time. Come and get your present now!

Kowloon, Hong Kong, May 03, 2015 - Macgo ( has launched its Spring Promotion 2015 that themed as “Free Blu-ray Disc Spring Gift Delivery”. With the thrive of technology Blu-ray has been developed to a higher level and thus gains much popularity among people who prefer high definition visual effect. And newly released Blu-ray disc movies can be available on popular shopping websites other than video stores. After the Spring Promotion, Macgo will deliver Blu-ray discs purchased from Amazon to the top three active fans on its Facebook page. Anyone who are interested in this promotion can follow these steps to earn an opportunity of getting their most wanted Blu-ray disc: Like Macgo’s Facebook page > Tag “Mac Blu-ray Player” > Tell Macgo your most expected movie.

Also Blu-ray fans can enjoy an unique discount that is up to 54% off of Macgo’s best seller “Macgo Blu-ray Player” during Spring Promotion 2015. Its Mac version is the first Blu-ray player software for Apple’s desktop line in the industry and perfectly support Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray Menu, Blu-ray ISO files, and BDMV folder. Playing other media format, like .MP4, .MOV, .AVI, and .FLV will be for free. With the advancement of video technology, Macgo Blu-ray Player has worked hard and finally made 4K UHD videos playable on this software, also with its DTS 5.1 stereo system, it can provide users fist class audio-visual effects. Macgo Blu-ray Player is equipped with the team’s highest achievements, including its BluFast MX technology that lowers Mac’s CPU usage around 20%~50% to make hardware acceleration function better.

This promotion provides free products as well, such as Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner(Original: $39.95). and Macgo Free iPhone Explorer, both have Mac and PC versions. Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner is a cleaning utility for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It can free up 40% - 60% of iOS devices’ storage space under protection of users’ personal information. After its last update, Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner has fastened its scanning speed by four times to save more time for users. And Macgo Free iPhone Explorer is another effective tool to help users better manage their App files and System files like importing or exporting music and videos between a computer and an iOS device.

Supported OS:
Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.x) / Mavericks (10.9.x) / Mountain Lion (10.8.x)
Windows 10 Technical Preview / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista(SP2 or later)

Pricing and Availability:
During this Macgo Spring Promotion 2015, the single license of Macgo Blu-ray Player (for Mac / PC) will be $39.95 ($59.95), by 33% off, and Macgo Blu-ray Suite is by 54% off, which certainly is the best deal of this Spring Promotion.

Free Macgo iPhone tools includes Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner (For Mac/ PC) and Macgo Free iPhone Explorer (For Mac/ PC).

Related Link:
Macgo Spring Promotion 2015:
Macgo Facebook:

About Macgo:
Macgo International Limited offers the first and best Mac Blu-ray Player, Windows Blu-ray Player Software, Mac Media Player, and a series of iPhone tools for users, such as iPhone Cleaner for Mac, Mac iPhone Data Recovery, iPhone Explorer for mac. Macgo is devoted to provide the most wonderful Blu-ray experience and to optimize iOS devices for users.

Macgo International Limited
Room 703, Kowloon Building
555 Nathan Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong 999077