Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Collavate DLP Offers Security to Encompass all Levels of G Suite

Affordable Data Loss Prevention Solutions for Google Drive Tools Now Available

San Jose, CA, August 16, 2017 - According to Gartner CISO, a security and risk assessment organization, data loss prevention is a top priority of businesses today. As corporate data has an increasingly high risk of being targeted and breached, Collavate DLP (Data Loss Prevention) has stepped up to offer Google Drive security protection for all Google Drive users.

“With online communication more prevalent than ever and corporate applications being so popular, it is imperative to keep the information within the applications from getting into the wrong hands,” stated a Collavate DLP representative. “Google Drive security has been limited and costly in the past because it was only available for the more expensive G Suite Enterprise. We are pleased to introduce Collavate DLP which can be used with G Suite Basic and G Suite Business as well.”

Google Drive is a popular tool that many businesses use for real-time collaboration and data storage. However, since Drive lacks data loss prevention tools, the breach of information can easily devastate a business.

Until now, Google Drive users have been forced to go with the elite, most expensive collaboration package (G Suite Enterprise) if they wished to invoke Google Drive security measures. Collavate DLP now makes it possible to have data loss prevention services with any Google Drive platform, including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business.

It is estimated that the cost of cybercrime worldwide will top two trillion dollars by 2019, triple the estimated cost reported in 2015. Gartner CISO has identified risks imposed by point-of-sale devices, flash drive, mobile devices, file servers, databases, PCs and virtual servers. Potential access points include wirelines, wireless devices, VPNs and other similar avenues. Source codes, documents of product design, financial documents, customer data and other top-security data are all at risk of being breached.

It is increasingly imperative to have Google Drive security in place because the use of the collaboration tool often includes storage of critical information such as medical records, social security numbers, and credit card information. In many cases, just one breach may cripple a company.  Furthermore, upstanding businesses desire to be trustworthy with their employee and customer information.

Collavate DLP provides security detection in real-time, a key feature. The program also predefines keywords in files in order to monitor activity on viewing trends, another important measure. Rule setting and regular expressions are also defined for even stronger security.

All Google Drive suite editions, even SMB’s, are eligible to take advantage of Collavate DLP. Introducing Collavate DLP to the market serves as a welcome relief to collaborators who are aware of the the importance of cybersecurity.

To find out more about the services offered or to purchase, visit the Collavate DLP website.

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