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Leading Managed Security Provider Addresses Increase in Cyber-security by Disrupting Market Order

Netswitch Technology Management, Inc., one of the top 5 MSP’s in California has developed a Managed Security offering that is a game-changer in the managed security space.

San Francisco, CA, March 09, 2015 -- Netswitch Technology Management, Inc., one of the top 5 MSP’s in California has developed a Managed Security offering that is a game-changer in the managed security space.

The Gartner Group has defined Managed Security Services by identifying leaders in their Magic Quadrant who all offer a proprietary software system surrounded by services. Netswitch has flipped the model on its head by offering security services surrounding an open software stack customized to fit the customer’s specific security protection needs.

This approach has earned Steve King, the Chief Security Officer of Netswitch, acknowledgement as one of the 250 most influential people in Managed Services in 2014. Mr. King designed the MADROC Integrated Security Platform to address the increasing incidents of cyber-security breaches affecting companies of all sizes as an affordable, subscription based solution.

Mr. King was recently selected for Nine Lives Media’s seventh annual MSPmentor 250. The global list identifies the world’s leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and community leaders. “We congratulate Steve King on this distinguished honor and thank our readership community for submitting the nomination,” said Amy Katz, president of Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton (

Instead of forcing a proprietary software solution at customers – one that will be outdated within six months at the rate things are changing in data security – MADROC customizes its technology stack with several software solutions from leading vendors with which Netswitch is partnered to fit the exact requirements of particular customer profile. Netswitch evaluated and tested 235 separate software systems addressing every possible point solution, before selecting a handful of the best price-performers to integrate in MADROC. And, to be sure that they keep pace with changes in attack techniques, they continue to test and evaluate new software products for consideration as new candidates for inclusion in the platform. This way, they insure that MADROC is always current.

To keep it affordable, MADROC is offered on a subscription basis. “Our clients don’t have to write a big check for software that will be obsolete in a year”, says King, who is also COO of Netswitch. “Making that kind of a capital commitment in a market that changes every 60 days is crazy. No one has the time or resources to stay abreast of these changes or to evaluate solutions today. There is literally a breach every day and most of them represent a new form of malware that hasn’t been seen before. Our model is to add continuous protection from a dangerous changing world populated by really smart cyber-criminals, so our customers don’t ever have to worry.”

Netswitch says that their technology stack is used by over 3,000 companies worldwide and provides protection from attacks from the endpoint, file-sharing, data, application, web and email sources, regardless of whether they have prior signatures or represent zero-day, unknown attacks. MADROC uses advanced behavioral analytics to detect and prevent advanced persistent threats in all forms from attacking a company’s assets.

About Netswitch:
Netswitch is a global technology solutions provider, serving businesses of all sizes whose model for success relies upon secure, smoothly running, and fully integrated IT systems.

Netswitch provides Managed Security Services, IT Support and Systems Integration Services in the US and Asia with offices in San Francisco, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our MADROC® Integrated Security Platform is in use in over 3,000 client sites around the world providing intrusion detection and prevention, monitored and managed web firewalls and gateways, mobile device management, security information and event management, managed vulnerability, network mapping and performance monitoring and complete audit-ready regulatory compliance.

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