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Senior Advisor for Netswitch Technologies Featured in New Video on Solutions to Cyber Attacks on Nation's Healthcare Industry

Netswitch Technology, Kim Green Health Care Data Security – 2015 : Status Report (

Salinas, CA, October 22, 2015 - Kim Green, Senior Healthcare Policy Advisor for Netswitch Technologies, is featured in a new video, “Healthcare Data Security Report,” which discusses the need for stronger and more reliable data security in the medical field.

Green, who is also the Chief Security & Privacy Officer for Zephyr Health, Inc. and has 25 years experience in information technology, data and product security, in the video identifies many of the dangers and problems of security breaches and theft in the healthcare industry and solutions to those attacks.

The 5-minute video was produced by Mag One Productions for Netswitch Technologies, which is headquartered in South San Francisco, with offices in Chicago, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

In the last 10 years, hospitals and health systems have increasingly moved toward electronic medical records and digital technology as a way to gather, store and share patient information.

Most of these systems, however, were built with security as an afterthought and are substantially ill-equipped to support the stress brought on by cyber attackers, hackers and threats designed to exploit specific vulnerabilities unique to these healthcare systems.

The healthcare industry is more than 200 percent more likely to encounter data theft and experiences over 300% more security incidents and attacks than the average industry.

Medical records are now worth more than $50 each on the dark web, or 50 times the value of a credit card. The average profit per record is $20,000 — compared to just $2,000 for regular identity theft.

Yet healthcare organizations are spending just 3% of their IT budget on security when they should be spending at least 10 percent.

Saving lives and improving patient outcomes are key drivers in healthcare and since these goals are now closely tied to a dependence on privacy and security, healthcare professionals at all levels are newly aware of the need for reliable and accurate data.

Today’s healthcare IT and operational administrators must address these issues to assure that information systems and patient information is protected in the best and most reliable manner possible.

About Kim Green:
Kim Green has 25 years experience in information technology, data and product security, and compliance and risk management in both private and public sectors.

Kim is the Chief Security & Privacy Officer for Zephyr Health, Inc., where she serves as a key cultural influencer regarding information protection and business engagement for Zephyr Health’s global security and privacy compliance programs.

She is responsible for strategic security planning, corporate information security operations, end-to-end product security, data privacy compliance, risk management, security audits and investigations, and security business analytics and performance management. In addition, she serves on the security advisory boards for Authentic8 and Netswitch.

Kim has consulted several U.S. state healthcare government agencies and developed HIPAA/HITECH Security Awareness Training programs for the states of Washington and Oregon. She has led companies through numerous certification and compliance audits, e.g., ISO 27001, FISMA, SOC 2.

In 2013, while working as CISO for Bosch Healthcare, Kim was invited to Brussels on behalf of the COCIR European Trade Association, which represents the Health Information and Communication Technology industry, to speak to members of the European Commission on finding the right balance between security, privacy and business needs.

In addition, Kim participated on COCIR’s dedicated Task Force, which issued nine key recommendations to the European Commission regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

Kim studied Computer Software Engineering and Computer Science at Brandeis University and Cal Lutheran University.

About Netswitch:
Netswitch is one of the world’s leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and the fourth fastest growing MSSP in the world; ranked by MSPmentor’s 2015 annual top global 501 MSSP rankings.

Netswitch developed MADROC® as the foundation for changing the way that businesses achieve their IT security goals by providing the most advanced cloud-based solutions to monitor and protect critical information assets without adding headcount or expensive hardware and software licenses.

In business since 2000, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Netswitch provides its customers with experience and expertise in managing their IT infrastructure and defending their networks and applications from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Small, medium and large companies have all partnered with Netswitch including global clients such as Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwab, eBay, Vodafone Americas, Inc., and the Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Limited.

At the end of the day, Netswitch customers enjoy the peace of mind they get through knowing we are looking out for them 24 x 7 x 365 days a year.

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