Wednesday, May 11, 2016

San Juan Bautista Design Firm Creates New Logo, Tagline for City of San Juan Bautista

Schipper Design, an international marketing and design firm located in San Juan Bautista, California, has created a new logo and branding tagline for the city.

San Juan Bautista, CA, May 11, 2016Schipper Design, an international marketing and design firm located in San Juan Bautista, California, has created a new logo and branding tagline for the city.

San Juan Bautista’s new logo and tagline honors its heritage and celebrates its future as an historic California city.

The new logo takes its cue from elements present in the architecture of Third Street as well as illustrations from the interior of the historic San Juan Bautista Mission, balancing historic tradition and heritage with 21st century imagination.

The process started in November 2015, when the San Juan Bautista Committee engaged Schipper Design to create a brand identity for the city, including a new logo and brand focus.

The first phase of the process began with a public survey, which resulted in 137 responses from residents and visitors alike. The results of the survey were tabulated and quotes were referenced in developing the new messaging for the city.

One typical response was: “An authentic and historic town, a hidden treasure, far from the maddening crowd, frozen in time, takes you back to the good old days where the pace is slower yet the sensory reward is richer.”

The new logo represents the city’s main attraction: the Old Mission San Juan Bautista. The arched shape, which creates a frame for the typography, was inspired by a painted wall pattern from the interior of the Mission.

The illustrated typography is reminiscent of hand-painted signs from the past, while the bold clean strokes speak to the future with clarity and unflinching confidence.

These elements are a nod to both the historical context of San Juan Bautista and the independent residents, merchants, businesses and civic leaders who work to maintain the unique culture of San Juan Bautista.

Finished in a crisp turquoise color, the color of the mission doors, the logo is ready for use as the city embarks on a new effort to reach potential new business and tourism.

Incorporated in 1869, and known as "The City of History,” San Juan Bautista is a unique village, alive with early California history and home to one of the most authentic, picturesque and pristine missions along the California mission trail.

Old Mission San Juan Bautista was founded in 1797 by Father Fermin de Lausen, successor to Junipero Serra, and is the 15th of the 21 California Missions.

A deep commitment to preservation has endowed the city with historic authenticity, including a nationally registered historic district, a main street lined with buildings straight out of the old west and original adobes dating back two centuries.

By embracing multicultural performing arts and artists, festivals and street fairs the community celebrates entertainment year-round. Surrounded on all sides by untouched hillsides, organic fields and natural habitats, the call to nature and the rustic outdoors complements every experience.

The city's new marketing tagline, “Lift Your Spirit,” is intended to reflect the sentiments of both residents and visitors. There is a deep consensus on how nice it feels to visit a place where life slows down and people can enjoy a relaxed day of browsing in small shops and dining outdoors.

About Schipper Design
Founded in 2003, Schipper Design is a marketing and design agency located in the quaint Central California town of San Juan Bautista. With a highly skilled team of designers and creatives, Schipper Design emphasizes the quality of design and terrific customer service — the perfect combination.

Their award-winning design team provides a myriad of marketing solutions, including brand identity, print collateral, website design, logos, tradeshow graphics, ad campaigns, video’s and TV commercials.

Local clients include: Natividad Medical Center, Door to Hope, Hayashi Wayland, Dunnion Law, Santa Catalina, Old Fisherman’s Grotto, The Ginger People, D’Arrigo Bros., Belli Architecture, Robson Homes, The 49er’s Museum, Linear Technology, Cannery Row, and many others.

Schipper Design can be reached at (831) 623-2341, and their website is

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