Thursday, December 8, 2016

Commercial Property Buyers Advised to Consider Intelligent Financial Solutions Prior to Purchase

UK Property Finance Talks the Options Available when Borrowing Against Commercial Property

London, UK, December 09, 2016 - One of Britain’s leading names in the provision of intelligent financial products and services has issued a call to prospective commercial property buyers. According to the team at UK Property Finance, there’s much to be gained from considering all available options before deciding on a final solution or package for property purchase.

As there are various options available to suit a wide variety of purposes, UK Property Finance insists that there is nothing to gain from diving in without careful consideration. From standard developer loans to bridging loans to secured personal loans and more, UK Property Finance offers access to a wide variety of options with the best possible value for money guaranteed.

Borrowing Against Commercial Property
“UK Property Finance works closely with our clients and lending partners to get the best deal available. We pride ourselves on listening to our customer’s needs and matching them to our lenders criteria helping drive through their business lending plan. UK Property Finance are a “whole of market” directly FCA Authorised and Regulated Master Finance Broker. Our whole market broker status enables us to source funds from any lender and offer the very best commercial rates.” - UK Property Finance

When it comes to standard borrowing against commercial property, loans are typically available up to 75% of the property’s value.

However, this can be increased with targeted negotiations and in accordance with the circumstances of the borrower. There are usually two ways of repaying a commercial loan – a standard term of monthly repayments or an interest-only plan. In the case of the latter, the full balance minus the interest must be paid at the end of the term.

Along with standard commercial property loans, UK Property Finance also offers access to incredibly convenient and versatile bridging loans. Where larger sums of cash are needed at short-notice to effectively ‘bridge’ a gap or shortfall, a bridging loan can be uniquely valuable. With low rates of interest and repayment terms as short as one year, there’s often no faster or more convenient way of plugging the occasional financial hole.

Rapid Results
“A commercial bridging loan can be arranged and paid out often before a lender being used for longer term finance has even started to review the case. Commercial Bridging loans, as it suggests, would be secured on commercial or semi-commercial properties in the same manner as a standard residential bridging loan and normally arranged within the same timeframe. The number of uses are also wide and varied but as commercial bridging finance is not regulated by the FCA, additional funding reasons are allowable, provided any use is fully legal.” - UK Property Finance

UK Property Finance is committed to making it as easy and affordable as possible to borrow any amount of money for any commercial purpose. Regardless of the urgency of the matter or the problems you may have encountered in the past, an intelligent service solution from UK Property Finance really could make all the difference.

About UK Property Finance:
UK Property Finance is a fully independent, FCA regulated organisation specialising in intelligent financial products and advice for property buyers and developers. The company also operates, which is Britain’s leading name in the arrangement and brokerage of intelligent financial solutions. Though newly formed, this dynamic group of businesses has already earned a strong reputation up and down the UK among private property buyers and commercial developers alike.

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