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Ashley Wayland’s Journey to Becoming a Real Estate Agent Started Back in High School, Results in Wayland Properties, Founded in 2017

Real Estate Agent Ashley Wayland was recently going through her old high school yearbook when she came upon her senior photo.

Monterey, CA, June 24, 2018 — Real Estate Agent Ashley Wayland was recently going through her old high school yearbook when she came upon her senior photo. Underneath it, where graduates let everyone know what they were going to do when they got older, it said she was going to be a “Successful Real Estate Broker.”

She had forgotten all about that entry in her yearbook from Quincy High School in a small town in the upper reaches of Northern California. Call it what you will, fate, destiny, serendipity, even sheer luck. Whatever it is, it has brought Wayland to this point in her life and especially career.

“I’ve always had a curiousity about real estate, in fact, I used to go to open houses on weekends, just to be nosy,” says the effervescent Wayland, who moved to the Monterey Peninsula from Quincy 11 years ago. “Every house, every seller, every agent was so different. I really liked it. You could say I caught the bug!”

So she started reading real estate books and attending even more open houses, all the while soaking up the atmosphere and getting tips on how to stage a house, how to hold an open house, even how to talk to people. “That got me super excited and passionate about real estate,” she says animatedly.

You can hear it in her voice when she talks about real estate — a combination of passion, commitment and earnestness that is disarming, with an expression of genuine desire to help people achieve their dreams.

“I outgrew Quincy, so moving here was a growth opportunity for me,” she says, describing herself as a “total go-getter.” “I’ve always been career-oriented, so moving spoke to me. Now I’m blessed to be able to sell the dream to other people.”

After working on the periphery of real estate for almost a dozen years — her background was in banking, title and escrow, vacation rentals, sales and customer service — she joined the large real estate firm of Keller Williams (“they offer a ton of support for new agents”) where she learned even more about the trade as an Agent Services Coordinator, where she helped set up open houses, sent information to local publications and other tasks that she says “empowered me again.”

Then she was asked by Sanctuary Vacation Rentals founder and president Annee Martin to come work for her in reservations as well as helping her on the sales side.

Wayland obtained her Real Estate Sales License in 2008 and in 2015 received her Broker’s License and in 2017 founded Wayland Properties with her business partner Nicol Casas. They now lease 17 single-family homes and manage a 63-unit apartment building, The Indy, in Sand City, with more properties on the horizon. In the past year, Wayland Properties has also sold 23 homes totaling more than $12.6 million.

What makes Wayland Properties unique, in addition to the fact they are “young, energetic and ready to breathe a little life into the real estate world here,” is the couple’s boundless commitment to its clients.

“We are full-time in real estate, we’re not part-time, we’re not casual, we’re in the trenches every day, we live and breathe it,” says Wayland, who says she “can’t not be busy.” “I genuinely care about my clients’ interests, I just want them to be happy. I run my business with heart and not necessarily for the bottom line. Everyone gets my 100% effort.”

In her spare time (such as it is), she enjoys wine tasting and is a member of a few wine clubs, mentoring high school-age girls and is looking for opportunities to volunteer for organizations that help shelter and rescue dogs. “I’m a crazy dog lady too,” she laughs.

As for Wayland Properties’ goals, she says she’d like to have an actual office space for the business, plus five agents and “have everyone achieve their goals and be in a good positive space.”

Judging by the success her yearbook entry years ago, all Wayland has to do now is put it out to the universe and start fulfilling that dream.

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