Friday, February 14, 2020

A General store for all things Earth and People Friendly, Eco Carmel introduces Bulk section for Body products and Household cleansers to avoid Single-use Plastics

Shockingly, Americans buy 1 million plastic bottles every minute, with 17 million barrels of oil used each year on plastic production.

Carmel, CA, February 14, 2020 - Shockingly, Americans buy 1 million plastic bottles every minute, with 17 million barrels of oil used each year on plastic production.

Knowing that single-use plastics represent the biggest threat to the health of the planet and its inhabitants, Kristi Reimers of Eco Carmel has installed a bulk section for body products and household cleansers.

Customers at Eco Carmel bring their own reusable containers for everyday products often purchased elsewhere in plastic packaging, or they can purchase glass or aluminum containers at the store.

“For me, what makes what we do different is that we’re not doing bulk for bulk’s sake,” Reimers said. “There are a lot of classic bulk products that I would never put on my skin.”

What makes Eco Carmel unique is that Reimers orders product samples, and the staff tests them for up to six months. “We vet all our products,” she said. “There is so much research needed, because there is little to no regulation. So we ask: ‘Is this truly green and healthy or just a green-washed product?’ ”

Known as a general store selling a multitude of Earth- and people-friendly items (from mattresses to loungewear to everyday reusable items), Eco Carmel opened in 2010. This summer Reimers will celebrate her 10th anniversary at 7th Avenue and San Carlos in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

“I opened the store with many sections, but the beauty of owning your own business is being able to change and adapt to what the customers need,” Reimers said. “My baby section started with one table. It’s been received so well because there’s no other place on the Monterey Peninsula with such a wide selections of organic, fair-trade products, like natural rubber toys, healthy baby body care and organic clothing that is safe for babies.”

Eco Carmel does not sell many food products, electing instead to support Carmel’s Cornucopia Community Market and send customers there.

“I don’t want to compete with other businesses. I like to work symbiotically with other like-minded businesses.” Reimers said. “I just want customers to have access to the best products.”

That integrity shows in how much research Reimers and her “right-hand woman” Megan Root put into all products sold at Eco Carmel.

“Our customers often say they appreciate how much they learn. They tell me: ‘I don’t have time to do research, I’m busy, and there is so much misinformation out there. I appreciate you taking the time to do all that for us.’ ”

For more information, visit or call (831) 624-1222.

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