Saturday, June 20, 2020

Renowned Baker’s Bacon Offering Father’s Day Dinner and Breakfast Boxes Available by Drive-Through on June 16 & 19

A variety of boxes of Baker’s Bacon, chicken, steaks, ribs, cheese and pasta available at Drive-Through in Marina

Marina, CA, June 19, 2020 — If a box of ribeye steaks, St. Louis-style pork ribs, tomahawk pork chops, chicken or dry-cured double-smoked Baker’s Bacon seems perfect for a Father’s Day treat, you’re in luck.

Baker’s Bacon (“Bacon the Way It’s Supposed to Be!”) from celebrated chef Tony Baker, is hosting a Father’s Day Family Box Drive-Through on Tuesday, June 16, and Friday, June 19, 2020, at its Marina location at 445 Reservation Road. Pre-order your box from several options, then pick it up without leaving your car on that day.

If your dad is a meat lover, there are two big steak boxes from Del Monte Meat to choose from: four bone-in ribeye steaks, each 16-18 ounces, dry aged a minimum of 30 days in a Himalayan salt room; and the C.A.B. Steak Box with 10 steaks total, four 8-oz. Niman Ranch flat-iron steaks, four 10-oz. New York steaks, and two 12-oz. ribeye steaks. Both boxes are $89 each.

If your dad is into kitchen tools and outdoor grilling, then opt for the Father’s Day Gift Box ($49), that includes Tony Baker’s famous Ove Glove (“As Seen on TV!”) grilling glove, a BBQ cooking tray, 16-inch chef tongs, spice jars from Chef’s Palette, 2 ounces of porcini espresso rub and 2.1 ounces of “Alda” Love You Need, two packages of 12-oz. thick-sliced Baker’s Bacon, a Baker’s Bacon lanyard, Sharpie and recipe card.

Grilling dads will also love the Coleman Natural St. Louis-style pork ribs ($59), four racks 10-11 pounds, including Chef’s Palette spices or the Cheshire Pork Tomahawk Chop Box with six 12-14-oz. individually packaged chops.

There’s also a Father’s Day Breakfast Box for $49, and includes two each of 12-oz. thick-sliced Baker’s Bacon, a dozen local free-range eggs, Rise and Roam loaf bread, 1 pound of organic butter, an 8-oz. container of Lisa’s strawberry-rhubarb jam, 16 ounces of organic strawberries, and 6-oz. containers each of raspberries and organic blueberries.

Also available at the drive-through on Friday will be various boxes of Baker’s Bacon (six 12-oz. packs of Baker’s dry-cured, double-smoked thick-cut bacon for $35); Del Monte Meat chicken box; and a Spring Hill Cheese Box, with four different kinds of cheese.

There’s also the Bigoli Amatriciana Pasta Box ($32) that serves six and features 2 lbs. of Bigoli-style pasta, 32 ounces of pasta sauce, 8 ounces of stewed onions, 4 ounces of Parmesan cheese, container of chili flakes, 12 ounces of Baker’s Bacon, and a recipe card.

To pre-order your box for drive-through pickup on June 16 or 19, call (831) 250-0606, ext. 2, or order by email at Quantities are limited.

About Baker’s Bacon
Unable to find bacon that met his high standards for freshness and ingredients, Chef Tony Baker, longtime chef at Montrio Bistro in Monterey, founded his own brand in 2011. Baker’s Bacon began with a partnership between longtime smoke master and bacon expert Steve Sacks at Prime Smoked Meats in Oakland, California. Baker and Sacks worked together for over a year experimenting with cures until they settled on the recipe that is still in use today. The goal was and is to make real bacon — “Bacon The Way It’s Supposed To Be!”

Baker’s Bacon is made in California, dry cured and slowly smoked using real applewood chips. Baker’s Bacon uses only the highest quality, sustainable-raised heritage breed pork. There are no antibiotics or hormones, no gestation or farrowing crates, and it all 100% vegetarian-fed, U.S. family farm-grown pork. It is slowly dry cured and double-smoked using real applewood. It is offered in whole slab, sous vide, or sliced.

Baker’s Bacon
445 Reservation Road, Marina
(831) 250-0606

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