Thursday, April 29, 2021

San Lorenzo Valley Water District Releases Report on Quality of District Drinking Water in 2020

  Full report available to community and news media

 Boulder Creek, CA, April 29, 2021 — The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which informs customers of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) about the quality of their drinking water, has revealed that water provided to its customers has met or surpassed all State of California and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency drinking water health standards. 

The 16-page report is now available to the public on the District’s website at

 To obtain a paper copy of the 2020 Consumer Confidence Report, contact the San Lorenzo Valley Water District at (831) 338-2153. 

The annual report includes information on sources of water distributed by the District and includes a summary of the water quality tested annually. The District safeguards its water supplies and provides surface water treatment to ensure that customers receive the highest quality drinking water possible. In an effort to provide this report to everyone, the District encourages landlords to provide a copy of this report to their tenants. 

In summary, the District provides water to two separate drinking water systems: The San Lorenzo Valley Water District and The San Lorenzo Valley Water District-Felton. Each of these two drinking water systems have their own separate source of drinking water supply. 

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District system service area includes the communities of Boulder Creek, North of Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Quail Hollow, Glen Arbor, Zayante, Lompico and the Scotts Valley areas of Hidden Glenn, Lockewood Ln, Pasatiempo Pines, Whispering Pines, Manana Woods and both Spring Lakes and Vista Del Lago Mobile Home Parks. 

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District-Felton system service area includes the town of Felton, Hwy 9 south to Big Trees, San Lorenzo Ave, Felton Empire Grade, Felton Grove and El Solyo Heights. Customers in the SLVWD-Felton system are supplied water from Bennett Springs, Bull Springs and Fall Creek. 

The SLVWD and SLVWD-Felton systems have an interconnection, which allows for the transfer of water between the two systems on an emergency basis. In 2020, the SLVWD received approximately 13.47 million gallons of water from the SLVWD-Felton system, or approximately 2.5% of its total supply; while the SLVWD-Felton system received approximately 9.62 million gallons of water from the SLVWD system, or approximately 7.7% of water provided to the SLVWD- Felton system. 

About the District

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District was established in 1941 as an independent special district. The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected at-large from within the District’s service area. 

A special district is a local government agency formed by voters to perform a needed service, such as water or sewer. The District’s boundaries comprise approximately 60 square miles and 190 miles of pipeline. 

The District currently provides service to approximately 7,900 residential, commercial, and institutional connections. The District relies on both surface water and groundwater resources, including nine currently active stream diversions, one groundwater spring, and eight active groundwater wells. The District owns, operates, and maintains two water systems from separate water sources. These sources are derived solely from rainfall within the San Lorenzo River watershed. 

The District owns, operates, and maintains a wastewater system in Boulder Creek’s Bear Creek Estates, which serves approximately 56 homes. 


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