Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Mee Memorial brings the ER to Homes throughout South County via New ‘virtual front door’ System

 Considered a “virtual front door” to the emergency room, Mee Memorial Healthcare System (MMHS) will soon offer patients the ability to register and actually begin an ER visit online. 

King City, CA, May 18, 2021 -- Considered a “virtual front door” to the emergency room, Mee Memorial Healthcare System (MMHS) will soon offer patients the ability to register and actually begin an ER visit online.

 The new multi-channel healthcare delivery solution that integrates virtual and in-person care is scheduled to launch May 18. 

Integrating virtual and physical emergency care ensures a nimble response to every situation for each patient. It allows MMHS to better meet increasing demands of the pandemic, to treat many patients from the safety of their home, and to provide the community with upgraded emergency care. 

With any internet-enabled device, patients can complete a short online chat with a virtual medical assistant and then meet with an ER clinician who conducts a video evaluation. Some patients may be treated entirely from home, while others will be directed to the emergency room or referred to a local urgent care or primary care clinic. 

A key advantage over other virtual healthcare services, such as telehealth, is that patients visit their local ER doctors and providers not a remote provider. Providers can immediately access MMHS medical records to discuss the patient’s situation over a video call. Providers can also coordinate with other doctors and caregivers. And, they are familiar with the community and available resources that can aid recovery. 

If an in-person ER visit is necessary, it is treated as one continuous visit. While the patient heads to the hospital, the ER staff can prepare for the patient’s arrival and order any needed tests in advance. 

Mee Memorial Healthcare System CEO Rena Salamacha likens it to a concierge service. 

“Emergencies can feel chaotic. We want it to be simple to find help,” she said. “This new service allows patients to quickly talk to trained ER doctors who can help them choose the right setting for their care.” 

The HIPPA-compliant system that powers the new virtual entrance to ER uses a combination of sophisticated artificial intelligence, developed by emergency medicine doctors, alongside real medical professionals that verify each interaction. 

A spin-off of the nonprofit research organization SRI International, Decoded Health, developed the technology in partnership with Vituity, a physician-owned, acute care solutions provider with more than 300 practice locations nationwide. 

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