Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GLTYR Gives Life To Your Reality

Instantly Create And Send Multimedia Messages With GLTYR

Scottsdale, AZ, October 22, 2014 — GLTYR, which stands for "Give Life To Your Reality," is a mobile content-creation service for businesses and service providers with extremely limited marketing budgets. GLTYR allows the user to create a multimedia message or a spot commercial integrated with picture, text, audio and video that can be easily shared with a link though a text message, email or on social media platforms.

GLTYR is perfect for small business owners, individual service providers like doctors, plumbers, real estate agents, performing artists, schools, non-profits, sales professionals, literally anyone who wants to connect with their audience quickly and have their message heard loud and clear!

GLTYR is mobile only, meaning the content is created entirely on a mobile device, but your message can be shared across all devices and browsers. Once your message is created with GLTYR, it can be easily edited from your mobile device and when you click “Save”, the link to your GLTYR profile is immediately updated.

Think of GLTYR as the “Dropbox” for multimedia content sharing.

Before GLTYR, there was no platform that offered the opportunity to convey a quick and efficient multimedia message that builds trust with your audience instantly.

GLTYR offers just that by incorporating picture, audio and video into the message. GLTYR had its roots as a mobile multimedia resume creation service in efforts to give resumes a little pizazz! Traditional resumes sent on paper or via email are the least impactful ways to make an emotional connection with an audience. Picture, audio and video are the most powerful forms of media to build trust, as they give your audience a chance to see a complete picture of who you are or what your message is all about which can otherwise be lost by reading an email or by simply looking at your paper resume.

Founder Dr. Subra Sudhakar commented, “Trust is the fundamental building block for any successful, long-term relationship. But how can we build trust quickly in a virtual world with limited attention spans, where we’re all connected only through technology via mobile devices and computers? What’s the best way to get your customers’ attention quickly, build relationships, and make your message heard to help them decide whether or not to do business with you? GLTYR solves this problem in five minutes or less entirely from a mobile device.”

Here are just some of the unique ways that the GLTYR app can be used for:

* Personal Commercials
* News bulletins
* Announcements
* Invitations/Events
* Product Information
* Testimonials
* Greeting Cards
* Resume’s
* Sales Pitches
* Dating Profiles
* Recipes
* Job Listings
* Coupons/Promotions
* Company Profiles
* Digital Signatures

About GLTYR:
Founded in 2013, GLTYR Gives Life To Your Reality! GLTYR allows the user to create a unique multimedia message or a commercial with an image, a 30 second audio, a 30 second video and up to 900 characters of text that can be easily edited and shared with a link by text message, email or on social media platforms, all through your smartphone.

GLTYR is quick and easy. Make your GLTYR profile from your mobile device in less than five minutes. Individual accounts are available for free for iPhone on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gltyr/id775374414?mt=8

Try GLTYR for Android in Beta on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gltyr.gltyr

For more information, visit the GLTYR website: http://gltyr.com/.

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