Thursday, October 9, 2014

SAFE International Aims to Help Women Learn How to Defend Themselves by Launching Self Defense Fort McMurray, Alberta

The owners of SAFE International have announced they are well on its way towards realizing their mission by launching Self Defense Fort McMurray.

Fort McMurray, Alberta, October 09, 2014 – (Straight Line PR) - The owners of SAFE International have announced they are well on its way towards realizing their mission by launching Self Defense Fort McMurray. They are aiming to accomplish this feat through the offering of their self-defense training seminars, which will include women’s self-defense parties, high school self defense, and corporate lunch and learns.

SAFE International, which has been in the forefront since 1994 empowering people to save their own lives through the use of self-defense concepts, believes its current focus on empowering women to protecting themselves is needed now more than ever.

“Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly violent society, and we, here at SAFE International, want to not only want to share our knowledge and experience with others, but while in the process of sharing we are also empowering people throughout Canada, the United States, and globally to defend themselves,” added Roberts. Adding SAFE International self defense in Fort McMurray is another step in that journey.

Even though their mission at SAFE International is to teach real self-defense skills to as many women, children, and men, from 12 years of age to 82 years of age, they are focusing their attention primarily on civilians who really need these skills.

While continuing to meet the growing needs of people, corporations, organizations and schools year after year, SAFE International™ has continuously provided both effective, and highly memorable, personal protection instruction through their unique ability to reach more people in a way that enables them to retain and utilize the skills if necessary.

According to Roberts, complicated techniques that require regular practice in order to become second nature weren’t simply going to help in a potentially life-threatening situation, and therefore, they aren’t offering a martial arts program. Rather, they are offering what they considered to be “a practical and realistic approach to personal safety.”

“What sets our approach to self-defense training apart from all other programs is how we present our courses with real-life simulated scenarios, with hands-on techniques and with humour, yes… humour,” said Roberts, who believes that while the subject matter is a very serious one, SAFE International™ knows that learning in a safe, fun, and enthusiastic environment is the best way to retain what is being presented.

“While others in the self-defense industry focus solely on the physical side of personal protection, we here at SAFE International™ focuses on all aspects. Our training, for example, covers the most important awareness and avoidance phases, to intelligent verbal strategies, and to the physical aspects you may require to enable yourself get home safely to your family,” explained Roberts, who has had the great fortune of collaborating with professionals and specialists from all fields within the realm of self defense.

“There is violence everywhere, and everyone is responsible for their personal security, and it s on that basis that SAFE teaches self-defense that addresses real-life violence, thus providing a no-nonsense approach to personal safety. Our goal is to teach our students to Recognize, React, and Respond effectively to any confrontation in the quickest possible time,” concluded Roberts.

For further information on Fort McMurray Self Defense, please visit:

Chris Roberts
SAFE International™
15535 Cooper Rd
Lunenburg, ON
Canada K0C 1R0
1 800 465-5972

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