Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alaskan Residents Can Now Take Advantage of Monterey, California-Based Minimus Institute’s Patient-Focused Surgical Care, World-Class Surgeons, Innovative Transparent Pricing and Outcome Reporting System in a Concierge Setting

Minimus Institute, a Monterey, California-based national referral center offering state-of-the-art outpatient surgery to patients and self-insured groups throughout the country

Monterey, CA, February 02, 2017 — Minimus Institute, a Monterey, California-based national referral center offering state-of-the-art outpatient surgery to patients and self-insured groups throughout the country, is now taking patients from Alaska and is the first surgery center to offer Alaska residents transparent pricing on its website

With Minimus, Alaskans can fly to the beautiful coastal city of Monterey and receive nationally renowned patient-focused surgical care in a concierge setting, featuring world-class surgeons and an innovative transparent pricing and outcome reporting system.

Although the majority of their patients reside in Northern and Central California, in the last five years, Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers (home of Minimus Institute), has become a national center attracting patients from 47 states and 10 countries seeking the most advanced minimally invasive surgery.

“Patients can visit our website at to view prices, patient satisfaction scores and infection rates to help them make an informed decision regarding their surgery options," said Thomas D. Wilson, Managing Partner and CEO of Minimus Institute. “Minimus provides patients an outstanding surgical experience with great value as measured by an optimum combination of quality, service and price. Because surgery is all we do, our hallmarks are efficiency, clarity and excellence. Our goal is to deliver surgery a better way. We strive to be pioneers in arming our patients with knowledge and we want to enable patients to make well-informed decisions.”

By leveraging the organization’s high-quality care, excellent patient experience combined with transparent pricing and outcomes, Minimus seeks to demystify the patient/surgery/doctor interaction.

Minimus' prime objective is to become recognized as a national destination surgery center, or “beacon,” for patients, insurance companies and self-insured groups seeking the most advanced and least invasive outpatient surgery in a setting featuring transparency, value and great outcomes.

At Minimus, surgical care is provided at one of Monterey Peninsula Surgical Centers’ locations around Monterey Bay. MPSC is the largest locally-owned outpatient healthcare facility in California, performing nearly 17,000 surgical cases annually. Every day more than 70 individuals and their families trust MPSC for their care. And, their esteemed team of surgeons and staff have been supporting patients for more than 35 years.

With Minimus, distance is not an obstacle to keep patients from the surgery they deserve. It is surgery and care worth traveling for.

Minimus Institute:
Minimus Institute is a national state-of-the-art surgical institute located in a beautiful setting on California's Central Coast, providing patients access to world-class surgeons and exceptional value. Offering transparent pricing and clear, comprehensive outcome information and patient-satisfaction scores, Minimus demystifies the surgical-care experience allowing patients to make the most informed decisions about their care. To learn more go to

Background on Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers:
Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers (MPSC) and its surgeons are recognized leaders in outpatient surgical care as measured by the high demand for its services, extremely low infection rates, 99% patient satisfaction scores and affordable, transparent pricing.

MPSC is known for performing complex surgery, including total joint replacements, major spine surgeries, hysterectomies, breast reconstruction and thyroidectomies in the outpatient setting. In excess of 31,500 surgical procedures in 13 specialties are performed annually at MPSC by its 190 physicians on staff.

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