Thursday, June 29, 2017

Country-Rock Artist Marc Daniels Premieres Debut Single “Redheads” From Full-Length The Starting Line; Music Video Dropping June 22nd!

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels injects a breath of fresh air in to the country-rock scene with his fun-loving lyrics, charmingly expressive vocals and driving guitar riffs.

Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2017 – Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels injects a breath of fresh air in to the country-rock scene with his fun-loving lyrics, charmingly expressive vocals and driving guitar riffs. Daniels’ latest LP, The Starting Line,is an impressionable result of his appealing and infectious music style. To further support his recent album, Marc Daniels debuts his lead single and music video entitled “Redheads,” available June 22, 2017.

Redheads” is Daniels’ playful ode to the type of girl he can’t resist. The single opens with a grinding riff that continues throughout the song and leads into the cheeky lyrics. Marc Daniels’ deep, commanding voice belts out the catchy hook, singing, “I think I might catch on fire.” He keeps the song fun and light-hearted as he confesses that his friends have called him crazy and even suggested therapy to treat his irresistible love for redheads. The underlining meaning to the song explains a person’s own personal desires and infatuations while they try to convince others to relate to them, alternatively it really doesn’t matter if anyone understands!

Filmed in Northern California by Trespasser Productions, the music video opens with Marc Daniels drinking in a dusty, country bar when a group of auburn and red-haired women alluringly march in with their short-shorts and cowboy boots.The video cuts in between frames of Daniels singing into a microphone in front of western plains during a scenic sunset. Back at the bar, Marc and the women romp around as they ride the mechanical bull, square dance and light whiskey shots on fire. The video has a comedic tone that perfectly matches the fun and flirty lyrics of the song.

Being a newcomer to the country-rock scene, Daniels’ continues to seamlessly integrate himself into the genre with his party-starting anthems, blazing guitar melodies and hard hitting basslines. Marc Daniels’ latest LP represents his lively, well-versed music and it has not gone unnoticed. The Starting Linehas already received media praise from Country Music Life, Country Music Junkies and continues to gain a considerable buzz!

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About Marc Daniels:
Growing up in Spokane, WA, Marc Daniels starting playing the piano at an early age. It wasn’t until his early twentiesthat he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. With much success, Marc and his band members toured across the country and played at premier venues such as The Viper Room (Los Angeles), Knitting Factory (Spokane), Studio 7 (Seattle), University of Idaho and many more! In 2015, Marc decided to change the direction of his music style and originate back to his roots to create aheavily influenced country-rock album, The Starting Line which was released the following year. The full-length pays admiration to Marc’s past while growing up in Spokane, WA and highlights the great memories of those carefree years back home. For more information please

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