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Legendary Carmel Artist Malcolm Moran Works on Display at Mountainsong Galleries in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Malcolm Moran moved to Carmel in 1963 and opened Gallery Carmel, which was a stage for his cast of thousands.

Carmel-By-Sea, CA, July 09, 2014 - Malcolm Moran moved to Carmel in 1963 and opened Gallery Carmel, which was a stage for his cast of thousands. He was also a partner in the Hog's Breath restaurant and had his home and gallery memorialized in the movie "Play Misty for Me".

He became the leader of the contemporary bronze sculpture movement. He is the innovator of dozens of techniques still used by many artists today. He began his education in architecture and industrial design at the University of Washington and went on to study a variety of mediums at Cornish Art School in Seattle, Art Center School in Los Angeles, the Kobe Union in Japan and Cranbrook Academy in Michigan.

His technical skills were honed from working on advanced styling concepts for the Big Three in Detroit – Chrysler, General Motors and Ford – and went onto interior design for the first Boeing 707. Later he was named to the prestigious post as Art Director of the Seattle World Fair.

In the mid-fifties he met Donald Buby and in 1960 they teamed to open their first gallery in Bloomfield, Michigan. In 1963, Moran settled in Carmel, California, and with Buby they established their new gallery and studio. He would become an influential force in the contemporary bronze sculpture movement. Many of his innovative techniques still resonate today.

One of Malcolm's greatest honors was being invited by President Ford and his wife, Betty to have a showing of his art at the White House. In addition to Malcolm's art career, he was also a proud member of the military beginning with the Merchant Marines Academy in California and later serving in the Army as a First Lieutenant during WWII..

Two works displayed at Mountainsong Galleries:
• Malcolm Moran
• $55,000.00
• 9”H X 31”W X 28”D

Malcolm started his career as a designer in advanced styling concepts for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Boeing in the 1950’s and was appointed the art director of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair where the theme was “Space Age”.

This Modern Abstract Sculpture interpretation of a falcon originally made on a smaller scale. A curious Ornithologist heard of Malcolm having live birds in his studio, such as owls, pigeons and Pete the Crow. When he saw the small sculpture of the falcon he was extremely impressed on how accurate it was, it was the best interpretation he has ever seen, and suggested he do a larger one. This piece was fifteen years in the making.

This one of a kind sculpture, is mounted on extremely rare Big Sure jade. It is over 100 years old and has been tumbled and naturally polished by nature, under the ocean. Pieces such as this one are now extinct. This piece has been in the family collection

• Malcolm Moran
• Children at Play
• $50,000.00
• 19”H X 24”W X 12”D

This piece was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Kaiser of their six children playing in the Cypress trees. The sculpture sits on two pieces of very rare Big Sur jade. The sculpture took one year to complete. Mrs. Kaiser wrote Malcolm personal letters describing each child’ personal interests. Copies of these letters are available with the purchase of the piece.

Mr. Kaiser loved this piece so much, he put in his will to have the sculpture displayed on his Crypt. The family granted his wishes, but after time so many people had touched, the family was worried it would get damaged, so they had it removed. Having trouble deciding which sibling should keep the piece they decided to sell it.

Mr. & Mrs. Kaiser were collectors of Malcolm Moran sculptures, Edgar kept a wharf scene along with other Moran sculptures on his private Yacht . This is truly a piece of history.

Save the Dates:
The gallery has announced a series of upcoming exhibitions from July – October 2014 including the First in the World OPA Masters Only Show in July. Save the dates for these upcoming exhibitions. (all receptions open to the public with an RSVP)

• First in the World OPA Masters Only Show: July 25 - August 24
o Opening Reception July 25 5:00 - 8:00 All OPA Masters
o Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show: August 30 - September 30
• Opening Reception August 30 5:00 - 8:00
o The list of artists who have been juried into this event has not yet been made public.
• Huihan Liu & Weizhen Liang - Couples Show: October 4 - October 31
o Opening Reception October 4 5:00 - 7:00
o Huihan Liu, AISM, OPAM and his wife Weizhen Liang, AISM

• Details on Mountainsong Galleries:
• Location: Ocean Avenue between San Carlos and Mission Carmel-by-the-Sea, California View Map
• Phone: (831) 626-0600
• Private Viewings By Appointment - Call 831-233-8255
• Website: http://www.mountainsonggalleries.com/
• Hours of Operation Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday 12-6 (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

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Mountainsong Galleries
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