Thursday, July 17, 2014

MAX Agency Toronto Summer 2014

MAX Agency Toronto Summer 2014 is here and it is a very busy time for MAX Agency!

Toronto, ON, July 17, 2014 - MAX Agency Toronto Summer 2014 is here and it is a very busy time for MAX Agency! MAX Toronto Modeling is entering the season with a very strong Toronto Model and Actor roster trained and ready to audition for major productions. I asked Max’s Assistant Booker about what projects we can expect to see MAX clients and she had this to say,

“Well, most productions have to remain confidential during the auditioning and casting process or up until their release but MAX Toronto talent has been recently hired for music videos for major recording artists, commercials for major brands, print campaigns for major clothing companies, a television pilot and you may even see a couple of our clients take the lead in two major motion pictures. Fingers crossed! We really want to get these two parts!”

Wishing MAX the best of luck and continued success this summer in attaining major roles for its clients we enquired as to the best way to discover more about MAX agency, its clients and projects,

“We have a really beautiful website featuring Toronto models and actors on the homepage accompanied by testimonials and congratulatory messages about recent projects attained by our talent. Many of our talent are featured on our growing roster and their portfolios can be viewed online; we feature men, women, kids, their pictures are really beautiful and some talent have been offered parts simply by having their portfolio online. Our blog is also very informative and includes audition, call back, hold, booking information and every announcement is accompanied by a client photo so the world can see who has had a personal success in the business.”

MAX Agency’s Bookers are currently looking for new Talent! If you are interested we highly recommend visiting our Application page and filling out an application. Wishing MAX continued success in the industry we’re looking forward to the Fall press release and finding out more about MAX!

Natalya O
MAX Agency
2063 Yonge St. Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M4S-2A2

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