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Global Technology Solutions provider Netswitch launches product to Maximize Network Security for all Businesses and Company COO and Chief Security Officer Launches eBook

When a computer virus infected the network at Crouse and Associates in San Francisco, the insurance services company ground to a halt during a weeklong outage — costing a significant amount of time and money to resolve.

San Francisco, CA, August 31, 2014 - When a computer virus infected the network at Crouse and Associates in San Francisco, the insurance services company ground to a halt during a weeklong outage — costing a significant amount of time and money to resolve. The company does not have a large IT staff or a chief information security officer, it can’t afford to employ security experts and it doesn’t have the time or expertise to wade through the complicated Internet security landscape filled with intimidating terminology like “botnets,” “kill-chains,” “application firewalls” and “advanced persistent threats.”

So the busy company left it all up to global technology solutions provider Netswitch and its innovative MADROC® Integrated Security Platform that maximizes network security for more than 2,500 global businesses, large and small. MADROC® provides complete intrusion detection and prevention along with event management and immediate alerting and remediation — complete peace of mind within a monthly subscription plan.

The future is very clear: Cyber-crime is growing rapidly and as security gets better, the criminals get smarter. To respond to this real problem, Netswitch has revolutionized the way IT security is delivered — controlling and monitoring a heterogeneous mix of IT technology from top to bottom at every touch point; a true Defense in Depth security strategy. A MADROC® subscription includes all engineering, configuration, tuning, licenses and maintenance, along with a dedicated Security Operations Control Center providing support around the clock, with 15 minute response and immediate remediation.

“Netswitch is applying technology to important security and social issues that I care deeply about,” said Ken Chrisman, Board Member of Netwitch. “This is an important opportunity to use technology to protect personal information and doctor/patient confidentiality. I believe MADROC® is poised to revolutionize the personal information security space with enhanced security protection through advanced behavioral analytics while leveraging the cloud to manage the massive data being generated.”

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MADROC® Integrated Security Platform Customer Testimonial:

Pam Quilici, executive vice president of Crouse and Associates

“We chose MADROC® to ensure that our network will be secure and that we are protected from similar attacks in the future,” said Pam Quilici, executive vice president of Crouse and Associates. “Netswitch has been a trusted supplier of IT services for years. We love the way the MADROC® service is designed and we know we can always count on Netswitch for the smartest and most professionally responsive support.”

Shane Isaaks, the CIO of the Peninsula Hotel Group and Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Group:  (See detailed information on this case study below)

"We have used Netswitch Security Services and their experts for years to insure that the Peninsula Hotels are protected against data breaches and other security threats. Their new MADROC program is revolutionary in that it combines all levels of protection in a single service package that is amazingly affordable. We are looking forward to a threat-free future."

e-Book Breach Launches
In addition to the launch of MADROC® Integrated Security Platform, Netswitch COO and Chief Security Officer Steve King has launched an eBook called “Breach” that describes the current state of data breaches, and what you can do to protect your company.

Excerpt from eBook Breach: We have seen the trends in cyber-crime and malware attacks. With these attacks evolving at such an astounding pace, your organization needs security solutions today that address head-on every attack vector from the surface to the core, aka Defense in Depth. We believe that the principle of Defense in Depth should be the foundation strategy for any and all business security policies and approaches. Defense in Depth is the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures to protect the integrity of the information assets in an enterprise. The strategy is based on the military principle that it is more difficult for an enemy to defeat a complex and multi-layered defense system than to penetrate a single barrier.

In terms of computer network defense, Defense in Depth measures should not only prevent security breaches, but will also buy an organization time to detect and respond to an attack, thereby reducing and mitigating the consequences of a breach.

“I wrote this book because I wanted to help business leaders sort through all of the jargon and arcane references in the data security world so that they could understand both the actual threats, the dangers of doing nothing and the easiest, simplest and lowest cost ways to insure against the inevitable data breaches that will occur in the future,” said King.  “One of the many dangers in doing nothing is that it will invite the government (both) to insert themselves into the process of "protecting consumer personal information". The costs of compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley have risen more than 60% over the last 10 years and have had significant unintended consequences in area like IPOs and increased compensation for lawyers, auditors and run-away consulting fees. It would be much worse with a Federal Security Compliance Act.”

NOTE:  On Tuesday, August 26th the first of many bills to come is on Jerry Brown's desk imposing government rules and protection legislation on businesses (who do not do it themselves) to insure against the loss of consumer and personal information and to offer one year free credit access to consumers whose financial information has been compromised.
The book is complimentary and can be downloaded at

Background on Steve King, Chief Operating Officer, COO and Chief Security Officer and eBook Author

After college, Steve turned down an offer to be a copy-writer on the Hoover Vacuum account for Hoefer-Dieterich and Brown to pursue a career in IT, but never lost sight of the future impact of consumerization on Information Technology. Steve subsequently logged over 30 years of computer industry experience in sales and marketing, software engineering, product development and professional services. Steve also has extensive market experience in Information Security Management Internet, Digital Media, Business Intelligence, Document Management, eCommerce, and Business Process Reengineering.

Steve has managed product development with UNIX, Windows and Java platforms, founded three software and services startups and raised $32m in venture capital. Steve has held a variety of executive management positions in development, sales, and marketing  for ConnectandSell, Whittman-Hart, marchFIRST, the Cambridge Systems Group, Memorex, Health Application Systems, Endymion Systems, Blackhawk Systems Group and IBM.

He has also led digital marketing engagements for Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Bahama, REI, Harley Davidson and wrote a best-selling business book on Retail Web Marketing.

As a co-founder of the Cambridge Systems Group, Steve led the marketing effort for ACF2, which would become the leading Enterprise Data Security product for IBM mainframe computers. As a direct result, Steve is now known as the God-father of Information Security. Over the years, Steve has been issued multiple engineering patents encompassing contextual semantic search technologies, web-enabled multimedia audio transfers, imaging capture and database smart query processing.

Steve studied toward a B. S. in Mathematical Probability and Statistics from the University of California at Berkeley with a Minor in Journalism and studied Social Justice Law at the Santa Clara University School of Law.

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