Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MAX Agency Press Release - August 26, 2014

Max Agency has recently welcomed new talent including future high fashion and runway model Juliana Meloche.

Toronto, ON, August 26, 2014 - Max Agency has recently welcomed new talent including future high fashion and runway model Juliana Meloche. I asked Juliana how she got started in the business and she had this to say, “I was approached by MAX Agency on the street. My family was always telling me to get into Modeling, because of my height and my looks, that it was something I should try. I didn’t really think about it until I was approached by MAX Agency. Honestly I’m really focused on school right now but MAX has made everything really easy.”

After being scouted on the streets of Toronto for Modeling and thinking about the approach for a while, Juliana decided to pursue the opportunity and apply through the MAX Agency website. I asked her what it was like in the beginning and she said “It was fairly easy. I went online with the card thing, the max business card, took a couple pictures of myself, filled out the online modeling application and they called me within a day and I made an appointment.”

What was your first appointment like and who did you meet?

“I met with Kamran first. I decided to get the whole package and we looked at our options and we agreed. The photo shoot was a lot of fun. It was a great experience and the people I was working with were great. It was my first time, they made it super easy and it was a lot of fun for me. Then we came in to look at our photos. The Toronto MAX Agency modeling agent helped us choose the photos for my composite cards. When I got my composite cards I thought they looked really good. The orientation was good and MAX Agency has made everything so easy for me. It was effortless.”

Juliana is a Toronto model but she will also be pursuing Toronto acting and was required to take the free acting class through The Talent Shop. Juliana is pursuing higher education and she had this to say about the introductory acting class, “I liked it. I did. I liked all of the people I worked with. Everyone was really nice. It was great to work with Andy. I learned a lot. I had never pictured myself doing acting before but I thought, it’s something I think I can do. I’m a Toronto model doing an Arts and Science degree thinking about majoring in Ethics, Society and Law.”

MAX Agency is really happy to have Juliana as on of their top models. Juliana definitely has a promising future with a great agency, “I am looking forward to seeing where this whole thing takes me. You guys have been so awesome. You’ve been great. Everyone I’ve worked with has been great.”

MAX Agency’s Bookers are currently looking for new Talent, Toronto Models and Actors! If you are interested we highly recommend visiting www.maxagency.com and filling out an application. Wishing MAX continued success in the industry we’re looking forward to future press releases featuring individual models and talent and projects and finding out more about MAX Agency Toronto!

Natalya O
MAX Agency
2063 Yonge St. Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M4S-2A2

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