Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Real Estate Tech Academy Website Has Now Been Launched

Attention, realestatetechacademy.com was launched Friday August 1 at 8am PST. Real Estate Tech academy provides step by step video tutorials on how real estate agents can optimize technology, saving time and money in everyday language.

Las Vegas, NV, August 12, 2014 - Real Estate Tech Academy has officially launched their technology training website realestatetechacademy.com . The site went live Friday August 1 at 8am. It is designed to teach active real estate agents how optimize and simplify technology in their business. The first module, Social Media For Real Estate, has been in high demand for years. As technology has multiplied, the entire real estate process is changing with great speed and is often complex. Real Estate Tech Academy is the industry’s leading training resource.

The first module available is called Social Media For Real Estate. With over over 50 videos and nearly 15 hours of tutorials, any real estate agent will learn Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Hootsuite like the pros, to convert contacts to clients.

The founder of Real Estate Tech Academy, Daren Phillipy, shared how he came up with this concept "The demand for real estate agents to be efficient in their technology is at an all time high. As a real estate coach, I am continually being asked by other real estate agents how to set up and use their technology. I help each agent, individually one-on-one, teaching them how to use their technology. Even though the agents loved the training, they were challenged in duplicating the things I taught one-on-one. They also want more time to work with me. Real Estate Tech Academy creates a place real estate agents are taught on their own time, and they love it!!!"

The first real estate technology training module available is the Social Media For Real Estate. It consists of over 50 step-by-step training videos providing nearly 15 hours of tutorials. The platforms taught in the Social Media For Real Estate Module is: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Hootsuite. Each section teaches real estate agents how to set up and use each tool with simple instructions, pointing out key features of each platform and demonstrating powerful and valuable tips and tricks that will help each member how to use social media like the pros.

Social Media For Real Estate is priced at an introductory rate of $10 a month. Founder, Daren Phillipy said, "I designed the price for complete affordability. These tutorials are made so real estate agent can access the module whenever they want, as a reference when completing their tasks, just as if I was there for them or whenever they want me." This way they can afford access to the training for months or even years.

About Real Estate Tech Academy
Real estate Tech Academy is based out of Henderson, Nevada was launched online by Daren Phillipy in August 2014. Real Estate Tech Academy teaches real estate agents how to use technology in their real estate business. It is a web based company that provides step by step video tutorials covering many different areas of technology in the real estate industry. To learn more about Real Estate Tech Academy visit http://www.realestatetechacademy.com

Daren Phillipy
Real Estate Tech Academy
1034 Twin Berry Ct
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