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MAX Agency Press Release - August 13, 2014

Max Agency Toronto has been turning out amazing talent for a decade now and this week’s feature is Jamie McCormick.

Toronto, ON, August 14, 2014 - Max Agency Toronto has been turning out amazing talent for a decade now and this week’s feature is Jamie McCormick. Jamie spoke to us about his three latest experiences on set for a commercial with Blue Cross, a commercial and print advertisement with Goodlife Fitness and a spot in a promotional video for Cityline, all of these bookings were obtained through MAX Model and Talent Agency Toronto.

Jamie had this to say about Blue Cross;

“It was very interesting to watch them film the commercial for Blue Cross because it was a combination of family in the background and lead actors in front, we shot the commercial in French and English and they did the voiceovers while we were there. I’ve ended up with people from all over Ontario and Quebec saying ‘I swear there was someone who looked exactly like you on TV.’ I was wearing a fake cast all day. It was a very interesting experience.”

Jamie, a MAX Agency Toronto Model and Actor, has been creatively and financially rewarded for his efforts as exemplified in his work for Goodlife. Jamie was hired for the commercial component but managed to get print work with the campaign as a result;

“It was awesome! The crew ran an extremely fun and inspiring kind of shoot. It was a lot of work. It was a couple days of shooting. The thing about that shoot is we were trying to beat the rain, trying to shoot in three separate spots, some of it was in door and some of it was out door and we were always on the run. We were shooting everywhere from an arena to a park in downtown Toronto and then back to Goodlife. It’s one of my favorite experiences so far.”

Jamie’s latest spot was for Cityline; A high profile opportunity featuring Cityline celebrities. Jamie appreciated the opportunity immensely and considered it a valuable learning experience.

“Cityline was the most technical shoot I’ve ever done. They were using a special technology with a robotic arm taking the exact same path at the exact same rate as the talent. It was the same technology they use in Hollywood when it looks like the talent is on the screen at the same time as a graphic or animated character but they layer it. It used to be done with a split screen. The camera would follow the exact same path the exact same pace and it looks like the host was walking at normal speed. So it’s really cool. It was the highest end shoot technically that I’ve ever been on.”

Jamie McCormick’s opportunities are frequent and he is offered auditions all the time even with the old black and white snap shot he’s been using as a professional photo, “I can’t get to as many auditions as Max Agency sets up for me because I work full-time and I live out of the city but Max Agency Toronto has done a great job with the time I can dedicate to this opportunity. It’s a lot of fun!”

MAX Agency’s Bookers are currently looking for new Talent! If you are interested we highly recommend visiting our Application page and filling out an application. Wishing MAX continued success in the industry we’re looking forward to the Fall season and future articles featuring Toronto models and Toronto Actors and projects and finding out more about MAX Modeling Agency Toronto!

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